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    Have you noticed

    When I was younger it was get ready to go to dances and party's etc. Now it is get ready to go to funerals. My third tomorrow since Christmas. :cry: :cry:
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    `crazy or what

    I read in the paper that we are having to tighten our belts a little more because the government are unable to make ends meet. On the same page they tell us that TWO MILLION QUID was spent of fireworks to welcome in the new year. I know on the scale of things it is not a lot but this money I am...
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    New learner

    My Grandson who is 16 is keen to get an apprenticeship in woodwork. He is keen that there should be some involvement in turning. He has spent some time with me in my workshop and to me he shows promise. Is there anyone out there who knows of a likely employer for such a lad in the north Yorks...
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    Mitre gague

    Has anyone got a Kreg mitre gague system. I am thinking of asking Santa for one as the blurb on on it looks good. So any advice would be most welcome. Willy.
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    Workshop takeover bid.

    I don't know if any of you have the same problem as me, it would be interesting to hear any solutions. I am being overrun with spiders. Almost over night they have appeared and are determined to force me out. Their threads are everywhere and as fast as I suck them onto the dust extractor they...
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    Signing your work.

    Painters have done it since paint medium was invented. So why do we not sign our work?. There are craftsmen who will never get recognition who have more skill than most painters can only dream of. Over the years, people like Hepplewhite made names for themselves but he was the designer.Craftsmen...
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    Belt sanders

    Hi guys, I am sure it is in here somewhere but with little time to spare I am sure someone will know which is the best reasonable priced belt sander. It is a tool I don.t use a great deal but the cheap ones I have bought have either covered everything (including me) in dust or have failed to...