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  1. J

    Festool saws, dust extraction, Henry and 100mm....

    Hi all I have a Festool TS 55 saw, which is brilliant saw but it doesn't half chuck out the dust! I also have 1 high-flow Fox dust/chip extractor for my table saw, and I have a good old Henry vacuum cleaner :) I'm looking to see if there is a way for me to leverage either the Henry or the Fox...
  2. J

    Safe way to use a dado stack

    Hi all First off...I know about the official HSE statements regarding dados in the UK. But I have one, and I need to use it. I have a requirement to make a "comb" in the end of a piece of sarking. So about 8 or 9 long cuts, stretching about 20 CM up the length of sarking, with each cut being...
  3. J

    Need help understanding Arbor and blade (dado) - Laguna Fusion 3

    Hi all ok first up, I’m DIY, not pro. I have a Laguna Fusion 3 table saw, my first table saw. I am looking for a dado set. The spec says it’s a 30mm blade, but when I look at the saw it’s actually a much smaller arbor with a 30mm blade nut, and that blade nut is only wide enough for a single...
  4. J

    Fitting plastic sacks on dust extractor

    Yeah I’m sure you are laughing, but I find this really hard! You get the bag around the back of the rim, then pull it around the front and the back has dropped off. Or you get the whole bag on but it then comes off when you try to fit the metal strap. I don’t have enough hands! So what tips...
  5. J

    Looking for my first table saw

    Hi everyone My first post, so apologies if I'm not following etiquette.... I am a home hobbyist who enjoys wordworking. I am comfortable using the various tools I have - planer/thicknesser, router etc - but a significant gap in my toolset is a table saw, which I have wanted for a long time and...