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    Using a traditional Ring Tool

    Ah yes i did meen the Ring tool and not the captive ring tool. One more question. The ring tool has one one large end and one small. The small end hads a bevel but the large end has an internal bevel. Is this right? Cheers
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    Using a traditional Ring Tool

    Hello friendly sawdust makers, I have recently been given a traditional style ring tool but I don't really know how to go about using it. I am not a novice so could probably "suck it and see" but I thought I'd ask for advice for beat practice as this tool is completely new to me. All advice...
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    Hybrid helmet designs

    WOW! simply WOW.
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    Most painful mistake??

    A few years ago at uni i was using a large belt sander with a p80 ish belt. I was doing a repetative job and was trying to rush. Pushed a little too hard, the work was ripped out of my hands and I punched the belt with all my weight. I sanded a few mm deep of skin off all the knuckles, finger...
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    Finding Timber Near Malmesbury

    They're going on the list, cheers :)
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    Finding Timber Near Malmesbury

    Hi chaps, Ive had a look through the archives but cant quite find what im after... I'm looking for timber/woodturning suplies near malmesbury, North Wiltshire/South Gloucestershire. I'm not after bowl blanks, although that would be nice, more a gereral timber stockists where i can find bits...
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    What finish for Spalted Beech box?

    Hi chaps, After many months since my last one I had a go at turning a box tonight and while i think it went quite well I don't really know how to finish it to get the best results. I know some of you turn this sort of thing all the time so thought i'd ask your advice. As it will be handled...
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    The start of a Cherry bowl NOW FINISHED

    Excelent, I love natural edge bowls. I need to find myself some logs from somewhere :D
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    Black Bowls, cheers Woody.

    Thanks so much for the kind words. I've done a lot of turning in the last week and im really enjoying finding what works. This vinegar method is great fun and I can't wait to get a load more oak blaks :D My finish of choice... Briwax. I just love the shine it gives. I need to experiment with...
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    Black Bowls, cheers Woody.

    It's oak as this is what Woody had used in conjunction with the vinegar and wire wool, although apparently the technique will work with any wood with high tannin levels (whatever they may be).
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    Black Bowls, cheers Woody.

    Inspired by WoodyTurner's wire wool and vinegar post I went out and had a go myself. This technique is amazing and I am pretty sure I'm going to make a whole black series of things now, cheers Woody :)
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    Oak bowl treated with vinegar & wirewool

    Here is a look at my attempt so far. It may need another application of the solution. Thank you so much for putting me onto this technique. You guys are an encyclopaedia of knowledge and ideas.
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    Oak bowl treated with vinegar & wirewool

    Right... I just tried this and whilst the oak is definately getting darker it is by no means black. Does the reaction take a long time or should I have let the wire wool steep in the vinegar for longer (than 5 mins) befor using it? Oh yeah, thanks for telling me that the solution stains your...
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    natural food/drink safe finish

    Bloomin great :D
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    natural food/drink safe finish

    I have recently been testing beeswax with rum and can give it the thumbs up. I put on quite a heafty coat of bees wax by melting in a small pan, swilling round and pouring out. I need to refine the process so i get a less thick layer of wax but after leaving the rum in it for an hour or so it...
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    Had a play with some Sycamore

    flippin great! What is the darker colour between the sycamore?
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    Best Glue for Using On A laminated Blank

    I have had no problems with good old trade grade PVA (got mine from jewsons in huge container). Then you have things like gorilla glue and the like but to be honest I don't much see the point. The chaps who have been doing it a lot longer than me may say different this is my 2p worth :) Oh...
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    Pen turning kit.

    Hey chaps and chapesses, I'm finding the time to do a bit more turning theas days and want to try my hand at pen turning. So very simple, can one of you kind people recomend a good kit. Somthing that will have all I need to drill, mount, turn and construct a pen. Cheeeeeeeers, P.s. If any...
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    spiral carved vase

    That is a beauty. great stuff
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    Start of a new project update 2

    yep another vote for carving the outside too, as then althought you intend it to be a scolop shell it could transform into other things in the viewers mind. wings, soft clouds, hair. love it