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    Sold Axminster Folding Router Table Kit

    Hi there everyone I’ve built a router table in to my table saw, so now am selling this as I don’t need it any more. It’s out for stock at Axminster, but retails at £199. It’s yours for £120, collected from B27 Any questions, please ask.
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    Withdrawn Axminster AC50e dust collector with extra bags and 63mm hose kit

    Hi everyone. Got no use for this any more so it’s up for sale. This kit would cost you £170 at Axminster at the moment and it’s out of stock. Includes dust collector, eight spare filter bags, filter, 63mm hose kit Yours for £75. Collection from B27.
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    Axminster Rider No 7... concave sole, customer service pants as usual

    Hi everyone I've got a No 7 from Axminster, and I've been using over the last 18 months to flatten large slabs and boards, but I haven't needed it to joint anything. I've been working on some toy boxes for my kids over the last few weeks and I've had to make some panels up and I've noticed...
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    A question about tail vices on a work bench

    Hi everyone. I'm part way through construction of a split-roubo type bench in my cellar. I'm planning to have a leg vice on the front, but I'd like to have the ability to use bench dogs on the top for face planing, and I have an old 9 1/2" record vice that I want to put in at the tail of the...
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    Solid workbench worktop - wet wood

    Hi everyone I’m moving towards making a workbench, and want a french style bench, rather than an English one with massive aprons. I have no idea what wood to make it out of, and what it’ll cost me, but I really would love a big old slab on top, rather than laminated smaller pieces. I’ve seen...