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  1. J

    hinge jig

    Hi all, anyone got any tips on making a hinge jig for cutting out with the router. Going to hang afew doors. All tips appreciated. Cheers Jeff 8)
  2. J

    Nutool router table and 1200w router

    Just bought both from makro £24.99 each. I going to try and play with them soon and let you all know what they are like for cheapies. Has any one else tried them? Anyway I couldn't resist the bargain price ( I know, I know you only get what you pay for but it's a start!!!). So time to make more...
  3. J


    OK forget about Tormek etc. I have used the scarey sharp method on a 20 quid Stanley from B&Q and a 6quid out of the local cheapie shop. Must say the 6 quid one works better than the Stanley but thats besides the point. What are your methods for sharpening plane and chisel blades. I'm still...
  4. J


    :? I priced 6"x1" beech recently. The price given was per cubic foot. How is this calculated to get a running foot. Never passed O level maths so need a wee bit of help. hope all you intelligent people out there can help. Thanks and bye for now Jeff
  5. J

    Smith & Sweetman

    Well, did you all watch this new series on H&L . I can't wait to hear all the comments on this show. I don't think it was what alot of people expected and sometimes looked like a circus act. Is this another of H&Ls rubbish just like Shedheads?. Look forward to your views :shock:
  6. J

    scary sharp method

    I tried the scary sharp method today and must say I was impressed. I tried it on a no4 plane I bought for 6quid and I did not believe the result. I then tried it on my stanley and even better. I would be interested to hear any comments. :D
  7. J

    buy & sell

    How about a buy & sell section amongst members. nothing commercial mind as I find sometimes on ebay they take a hand out of some prices. i think some people get their mates to bid to over-inflate prices. Like to hear your comments. :!:
  8. J

    Dean & Robin

    Ok what's the story with these two. Are they a couple or just co-presenters. Are the houses for themselves or just projects. Their website dosn't give a lot of info about this and I'm not sure if general woodworking is thw place to talk about this but what the heck i may as well be a bit...
  9. J

    Sliding mitre saw

    Has anyone tried the sliding compound mitre saw from B&Q advertised at £129. I would be interested to hear. Also does anyone know where to get a cheap biscuit jointer apart from screwfix.
  10. J


    Can anyone tell me what the different types of plane are used for. I am just getting into woodworking and i am gradually building up my tool collection. I'm sort of hooked on Norm but then again with the amount of tools he has I wood be in heaven. Hope someone can give me advice. :lol: