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    Cordless drill

    My youngest son picked up a new de-walt yesterday looks ok for the money and with a new (old) house to renovate it should be fine , myself as I use cordless tool s daily I have got festools and hilti.
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    Has anyone used red Grandis ,it is sold by Timbmet and I am thinking about it for our front door which is West facing.
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    Has anyone used Red Grandis, I have a front door to make that is west facing.
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    planer thicknesser

    Yes I did look in to this a couple of months ago but still looks a bit of a grey area , there is a change of cutter block on youtube it is an American site but looks like to much for me to try without knowing the outcme . Clive.
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    planer thicknesser

    Yes a couple of good questions, I have been thinking about changing for a while I like the spiral cutter block but changing to a hammer ? now changing to another felder no problem except the price as it would have to be a 741 as the 5 series does not have assisted tables. My own felder is in...
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    Fibre glass advice please!

    Yes give the area a good clean and make sure to give a light sanding to give it a key, your repair will be on the underside as the inside of the pond will be the top coat when it was made. you can cover the crack on the inside with masking tape if you buy from cfs they will give you all the info...
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    Fibreglass advice please

    Yes there is no problem with a repair there is a dealer in Cornwall (cfs) I used them for a good while and very helpfull.
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    Fibre glass advice please!

    Yes there is no problem with a repair, there is a fibre glass dealer down your way , I will find the name of them.
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    planer thicknesser

    I have been pondering over changing my planer thicknesser, I have a felder 731 purchased new in 2003 with a four knife block, as I am semi retired I am looking to uprate to a new machine with the spiral block and I think I have narrowed it down to a hammer a3 or a4 or push the boat out to the...
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    Garage workshop advice

    If your roof is ok I would use an insulation board (celotex or similar) in the roof ,leaving 50mm air space between the ins and roof and get some ventilation in there. Possibly tank the walls before you start .
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    Concrete wall in garage

    Hilti are probably the best bits and drills.
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    Trend worktop jig problem

    What size guide bush are you using ?
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    New Workshop - Roof Now On

    What are the dimensions of your workshop Phil.
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    Which Festool sander?

    Yes the 150/5 gets my vote.
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    Wooden Greenhouse

    Hi Greg. Sum interesting views on here, In the early sixties when my parents were going to get me my first workshop (shed) all the main makers like kencast would be made in cedar that would be my first choice and probably d/fir the second. What set up did you get with the router as I am going...
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    Sold Graduate lathes

    I would possibly be interested in 30inch bed. Regards. Clive.
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    wax oil

    Thanks for that ,will give it a try. Clive.
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    wax oil

    Hi. For many years i have been using sanding sealer (2 coats) and a wax finish , I have now started to use wax oil , is it o.k. to clean off this kind of finish and wax oil over the top.
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    felder cutterblock

    Well live and learn i have the exact model stand alone it is a 2003 and has four springs (the long type) the tables are nearly 1.7 long so them tables must get heavy I used to have the bf6 combination before this and that had springs as well.
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    felder cutterblock

    I would be interested to know what model your mate has , i went to see a 531 combination and realised how much lighter in build the planer was to the 731 i guess you have got to go up to the 741 to get the spring assisted.