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    Record Power Sabre 350 bandsaw

    Has anyone got any experience with the Sabre 450 that they'd be willing to share here please? The good, the bad and the ugly?
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    What is this wood?

    Thank you both, reading up on teak it certain sounds like you are correct. I also read that due to the waxiness of the timber, water based glues aren't much use, or to clean the glueing surfaces with acetone before glueing. Any recommendations? Epoxy? I'm repairing a very pretty old...
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    What is this wood?

    I bought a couple of unidentified boards off an auction site. The timber is noticeably waxy to the touch after planing. Shown after planing and sanding the surface, and after wiping the surface with white spirit post sanding. Thank you in advance.
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    Planer blade sharpening jig

    I have two sets of blades (three in each set). I use the first set, when they are dull I swap in the next set and when they are dull I sharpen all six blades in a similar jig (not as nice as the subject jig!) two at a time. This process means that all the blades are ground down at a similar...
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    Bosch GCM 12 GDL owners

    Thank you for your help.
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    Bosch GCM 12 GDL owners

    I hope this has worked, two yellow arrows to mark the dimensions I'm after. I'm interested in the width with the extension pieces retracted.
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    Bosch GCM 12 GDL owners

    Hello Bosch GCM 12 GDL owners, would one of you be able to help me please? I'm in the process of building a new workbench and would like to plan for this saw at a later date. I'm looking for two dimensions and asking if someone could measure them for me. 1. The maximum width of the saw with...