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  1. mikej460

    Barn shed design - opinions sought - madness! Talk me out of it!

    I share your enthusiasm and subsequent headaches, so keep asking for advice on ideas and checks on progress. I'm assuming you've read MikeG's How To Build a Shed guides, although not on this forum anymore he is a very experienced architect. Because of the risk of flooding and the tree roots and...
  2. mikej460

    Anyone own these "Bessey" clamps?

    these popped into my inbox today Buy Parallel Jaw Clamps from Rutlands Limited - Rutlands no experience of them though
  3. mikej460

    Confession. I have a Parkside problem!

    Have you tried fitting a decent blade to the circular saw? It's very likely to have been shipped with a rubbish one.
  4. mikej460

    Looking for a recommendation on nuts & bolts

    I get all my stainless steel nuts & bolts from this Company, great quality and fast delivery plus you can order small quantities or make up your own kit Kay's Fasteners | eBay Stores
  5. mikej460

    Large Workshop door

    Yes they swell slightly in winter so need a tug to open but they never jam. This is more likely due to my not shaving enough off when I made them in the summer so I will shave a bit more off before paint them.
  6. mikej460

    Any electrical boffins here

    Just an aside, have you considered remote switch sockets where you use a fob remote to switch one of several sockets? Here's an example but you need to check the amp rating against that of the extractor. You can buy single sockets or multi packs like this one. DEWENWILS Remote Control Plug...
  7. mikej460

    Large Workshop door

    I built the doors for my toolshed and loose boxes using treated T&G ledged and braced on both sides with rough sawn treated timber. They are solid doors and look good, but more importantly they will take some breaking into.
  8. mikej460

    Confession. I have a Parkside problem!

    I have a Bosch mini screw driver albeit 3.5v and I use it a lot for lower torque screw driving such as kitchen cabinets etc. It's a very useful occasional use tool.
  9. mikej460

    Stanley Rabbet anyone?

    Just spotted this in Towcester Marketplace – Stanley rabbet plane | Facebook
  10. mikej460

    Axminster price increasing

    I read that one major contributor to the container shortage and subsequent price increases is that many are held up in the UK offshore due to the new customs bureaucracy.
  11. mikej460

    Workshop Advise Welcome

    When you say 'old towels' do you mean 'towels I nicked when my wife wasn't watching'? 😁
  12. mikej460

    Dust extractor for garage size man cave

    I wonder how @DBT85 is getting on with his?
  13. mikej460

    Invasion of US Capitol building

    The fact that any American with a license can pop down to their local supermarket and buy a semi-automatic rifle complete with enough ammunition to wipe out a small town and parade about kitted out like Rambo on coke during otherwise peaceful demonstrations is indefensible by any measure. The...
  14. mikej460

    workshop lighting

    Very useful cheers James (y)
  15. mikej460

    Invasion of US Capitol building

    My understanding is that he couldn't get most of his objectives past the republican senate. I like him as a statesman even now, but I suspect he wasn't the shrewdest of politicians despite his ongoing popularity and serving two terms.
  16. mikej460

    New Number 1 DIY disaster

    I like this idea but could be a messy business not to mention expensive. You could make a nice oak chopping block to match and either cut out a hole in the steel or glue it over the damaged bit?
  17. mikej460

    Lumberjack BS305 12" Bandsaw Unpacking, Assembly & First Impressions

    Thanks..I didn't seriously look at any other new ones to be honest as the ones I liked were outside my budget so I was hell bent on getting a better quality 2nd hand one (which is what many on this forum would suggest if you're on a limited budget). I couldn't find anything that appealed on eBay...
  18. mikej460

    Lumberjack BS305 12" Bandsaw Unpacking, Assembly & First Impressions

    I firm favourite on this forum and very good value. If you buy one just make sure it's square as one or two members found there's wasn't. Other sizes are also available. Starrett K53M-350-S Try Square: Amazon.co.uk: Business, Industry & Science
  19. mikej460

    Lumberjack BS305 12" Bandsaw Unpacking, Assembly & First Impressions

    No not yet Bill, I've looked at Axminster and Kreg but both need holes in the side of the table and mine screws in underneath so would need brackets making.
  20. mikej460

    Lumberjack BS305 12" Bandsaw Unpacking, Assembly & First Impressions

    Many years ago I was the proud owner of a Startrite 301S but had to sell it when we moved house as I had nowhere to safely store it - big mistake in hindsight given the price of them now I should have put it in the lounge with a vase of flowers on it. Anyway I had the opportunity to buy a...