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    8x4 sheet cutting table

    Why not cut some 80mm wide strips of 12mm ply and screw these to the face of your verticals leaving them 20mm proud. When these get damaged simply replace. I took a simpler method to cutting 8x4 sheets. I sit three old 2.7m lengths of 75mm square onto my two saw horses. The board sits flat on...
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    Replacement batteries for cordless tools

    The 10.8v Makita kit you mention is a underrated bit of kit. I bought 2 x drill drivers [they are excellent for bench work], impact driver, angle driver and 85mm circular saw [ gives 2 x 8ft cuts in 18mm birch ply] about 8 years ago. I added some 1.5amp/hr non Makita batteries and everything is...
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    Wood moisture meter for firewood logs - any recommendations?

    I have had open fires and wood burners for over 35 years. It has never crossed my mind to get a moisture meter. You will not need one. I get calls from friends who have a tree or large branch surplus to requirements. I previously use a 24" petrol chainsaw but now have a 16" electric Makita. It...
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    Interesting response from Screwfix

    That is interesting. Screwfix and B&Q are owned by the same company. I wonder if heavy items are all at present unavailable from B&Q, eg fence posts. Colin
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    Starting out with rough sawn

    A bandsaw is a more flexible machine, but if doing joinery or cabinet work I think a circular saw table is best. A cast iron table does not mean the machine cannot be moved. I started teaching at a school in 1984 where they had a 2nd hand Startrite and this seemed the standard school spec. Some...
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    Glazing with Butyl

    Stick with the tubs, it's a bit messy but you have more control and no waste. On a couple of refurbs, workshop build and jobs for "friends" I probably fitted 300+ double glazed units about 20 years ago. On some of these I used the tape and just ran butyl putty on the top edge to improve the look...
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    Bringing goods from the EU

    That would mean it would be more expensive as UK vat is 20%. I'm fed up as since 1999 we have gone to France each summer for between 2 and 6 weeks and now have to think what we take with us when camping. I enjoy cooking and prep and freeze a fair bit to take with us, so I can spend more on the...
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    Ridiculous things you believed as a child...

    I won the American Presidential Election. Colin
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    Temperature & glue-ups

    Even with current garage/workshop attached to the house I've brought things into the house when gluing up over winter. At our second house I can remember gluing up a stack of venetian sliding box sash windows in the dining room. Some were about 6 foot wide and 5 foot high. I was not popular. Colin
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    Wet Wheel Sharpening Systems.

    I'm guessing you must use yours more frequently than me and probably keep it in a warmer environment. I cannot see any reason why the bleach would harm the stone.. Colin
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    Wet Wheel Sharpening Systems.

    Any bleach will do, a couple of drips and no more as the water foams up. The stone is slow to dry out and you can get mould forming on it. Colin
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    Wet Wheel Sharpening Systems.

    I bought a tatty Tormek about 30 years ago for £25, what a bargain. I took it apart, de-rusted and re-painted it, turned up a stainless steel arbor to replace the rusty steel original and re-wired it. It still performs well, if slowly. I add a spot of bleach to the water trough each time I use...
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    Northwest timber yards, or lack there of.

    I moved from Southend-on-sea in Essex to Formby on Merseyside and have had the same problem. I found one dealer with some stock near the docks, but eventually bough from Latham's Leeds depot. I had two deliveries. 400+kg of sawn poplar/tulip wood in about 20 of 160-300 mm random width boards of...
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    Axminster Customer Service

    My experience with Axminster started some 30? years ago soon after them buying out Roy Sutton in Kent. I have used them as a private buyer and spent a lot of my Secondary Schools Technology Dept budget with them. In those 30 years I cannot recall any occasion when I have not been more than...
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    Tape measure

    Adam, daft question but what do you want to use it for? Around the house I keep a cheap 3m. In the workshop I always buy any comfortable to hold rubber bodied 5m. I don't know how important the accuracy rating is as in the final stages of a make I build things to fit and not to a size. When I...
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    Router Bench

    If you don't make a mess then you haven't done a good job. Colin
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    Router Bench

    I'm not sure how much/if any of this is relevant. Router table and box I've been using this for many years now and apart from a groove running along the length of the table I cannot really think of anything I would change. Colin
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    Buying soft close hinges

    I have used Hart Wholesale in Southend-on-sea, Essex for over 20 years, even though I've now moved away from the area to Merseyside. If they will let you set up an account you have access to great advice and prices. I've used over 80 clip-on, soft close in varying combinations of inset and sit...
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    Planning Permission - any cautionary tales of woe and despondency?

    I had a different inspector for the building work on the house. He was excellent. I followed his advise and we soon built up trust in each other. At one stage he called in on the way home from work to check my footings excavations. At 6pm he passed them and by 9pm I'd mixed 3m2 of concrete and...
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    Planning Permission - any cautionary tales of woe and despondency?

    I'm not sure how or if the regulations have changed since my build about 25 years ago. I went 8 x 5m so at over 30m2 I needed building control with the local council. The cost for this was based on the estimated build cost, and as I was doing 95% of the work was lower than they expected. The...