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    Bathroom panelling / wainscoting

    Pete - thanks that looks good, I guess the MDF lends itself very well to that style. I like the height of the panels. Very classy. I'm going for a continuous run of tongue and groove, our bathroom isn't very grand and there isn't a lot of open space to appreciate the form of panelling. If I can...
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    Bathroom panelling / wainscoting

    Hi, I'm planning on a bathroom refurb over the new few weeks as wanting to make good use of my annual leave in the current circumstances. Planning to use mid-height T&G ) beaded board style wainscoting around three walls. Has anyone done this? I have a couple of queries, I'd prefer to do this...
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    Workshop security

    Like Phil I have a pyronix system for the house and workshop with different settings to allow the workshop to be alarmed when we are in at night. It's linked to a local security firm who actually attend if it goes off (rather than than monitor the situation remotely and ring the police)...
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    Sold chair making books

    Sorry for delay in confirming these arrived on Monday, thank you, some good winter evening reading material
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    Sold chair making books

    I'd like these if still available, PM sent
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    Wooden handle screwdrivers

    That's a very nice collection of screwdrivers. +++ for wood handles though that may be more a case of what I like rather than what is most efficient. The old Mills of Sheffield on the left has been my favourite for more than thirty years. It's not pretty but fits perfectly in my mitt. I've been...
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    Saw bench project - almost complete

    I do like that, and the dovetails, I plan to make one in the next week or so but will go with the design as shown. What was your overall length?
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    BBC The Repair Shop polish

    +1 for the Weald and Download Museum an incredible enterprise, they also have one of the largest timber based buildings in the country, the Downland gridshell. I'll definitely look out Amberley though, I don't know that. I have the Repair Shop book, a Christmas present, it is an interesting...
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    New saw handle.

    That's a really nice new handle, bravo for bringing another old saw back from the brink
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    Carab & Ipe lidded box with Pewter rim and finial

    Very nice indeed 👍 I always meant to try casting a pewter rim but have never got round to it....
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    How many active turners remain in UKWorkshop ?

    I turn when I can - in between work and house renovation demands - I make sure I am trying new projects
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    Blowing the dust away

    I use a vacuum with a soft brush head on it to clean the motor fins on my Maxi
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    Finish for kitchen knife handle

    Thanks for the replies, that's reassuring. I've never really used walnut oil but I'll get some and give it a go. Does it take a while to dry off like say tung oil?
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    Finish for kitchen knife handle

    This is it
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    Finish for kitchen knife handle

    Hi, sorry if this ones been covered before but does anyone have any recommendations for a finish for a kitchen knife handle? I've replaced the handle on my sisters favourite knife with yew and so far have given it a few coats of danish oil but was wondering about melamine laquer but I'd be...
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    Truly transcendent

    A friend of mine just posted this in a group discussion. I am always fascinated by people whose greatness was not recognised in their lifetime. Shames most of us in our age of conspicuous consumption...
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    Wheels for a workbench

    I bought some of these from Axminster several years ago and fitted them to my (then) workbench They aren't the best castors (you do need a fairly level floor and they can easily jam up on any obstacles) but they do offer a compromise straight out of the box allowing you bench to be solid on...
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    Myford ML8 Compound Slide / Saddle configuration

    Thanks Trevanion, I appreciate you taking the time. I think my solution will work out. Only slight concern wood is the potential for slop/movement, I don't think this likely as not going to be generating huge forces and only affects the relationship between the saddle and the clamping block...
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    Myford ML8 Compound Slide / Saddle configuration

    Thanks again for the offer of help but this evening a slim clamp nut was listed on eBay, typical! eBay item no 114320439633 At least now also know what it looks like. Now have to work out whether I think it's worth nearly £20 and offers anything over my workaround
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    Myford ML8 Compound Slide / Saddle configuration

    Hi Trevanion, I have today managed a work around with a 3/8" BSF nut and a large washer turned down to fit. I think this will do the trick. So I wouldn't want you faffing around with this just to satisfy my curiosity but if you do dismantle it at any stage I'd be interested to see what the...