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    Slot Cutting Router Bit Advice

    Hi All I would like to build some wall hung cabinets for the garage with shaker style doors. I need a slot cutting router bit for the door build. The bit will be sitting in a Triton TRA001 router housed in a router table, so I could buy 1/4" or 8mm shank bits. I would like a good quality slot...
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    Buying Advice - Stanley Compressor From Screwfix

    Hi All Does anyone have any thoughts on the 50l, 2.5hp Stanley FCDV4G45CR006 compressor that Screwfix are currently selling for £219.99 or the Scheppach HC53DC 50l for £299.98. Stanley Compressor / Scheppach Compressor Does anyone own one of these. Are they reliable and value for money? Any...
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    Planer Thicknesser Advice Please

    Hi All I would like to purchase a compact planer thicknesser. I have limited space in my garage and am also confined to a model that can be transported in the back of a hatchback car as I am happy to buy and pick up a second hand machine to keep costs down, so long as I can find a well...