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    Thicknesser Single Phase Motor

    Hi. The existing pulleys fix to the shaft via grub screws. Hence why i was anticipating needing to get new pulleys made, as a lot of the modern motors I see appear to use keyed shafts. Can you clarify what you mean by maybe using a larger motor... would you suggest a 3hp motor? I had looked at...
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    Thicknesser Single Phase Motor

    Hi All. Next question relating to my thicknesser restoration is about replacing the motor. The machine came with a 3 phase motor that has seen better days. I intend on using the machine at home, so am looking for a single phase replacement. The following image shows the specs of the current...
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    Bearing Removal Assistance

    Hi, I am restoring a 1950's wood planer, but am posting in here as my question more relates to replacing the old cutter head bearings. Does anyone know of company or individual local to me (East Midlands) who would have a bearing splitter & press that might be able to help me replace the...
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    Thicknesser Bed Rollers

    Thanks for your help all! It's helped to clear things up. I agree that if the rollers protrude higher than the bed itself - then they are likely to introduce snipe. But, I wasn't sure what the point of them was if they were only set flush with the bed. It seems logical to me that they would be...
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    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    Recently I've been getting into veneering. Still learning, but this is my latest Black Walnut box...
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    Thicknesser Bed Rollers

    My next question regarding my Thicknesser restoration is relating to the rollers that stick up through the bottom of the planer bed [Pictured below]. The rollers have adjustment screws underneath, so my question is - Does anyone know of any guidance for how these should be correctly set-up? Or...
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    Thicknesser Restoration

    The second picture you have uploaded above is quite zoomed in, but if I'm not mistaken it is a picture of the cutter head (with knifes removed). The larger threaded hole i believe is designed for allowing a knife setting jig to be attached to the cutter head. My machine didn't come with this...
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    Thicknesser Restoration

    Hi Peter. Unfortunately, my restoration is not finished and i haven't made it round to the cutter block assembly yet. You're planer isn't exactly the same as mine, but certainly appears to follow a very similar design. I'll try and put it back together tomorrow (at least dry fit) so that i can...
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    Thicknesser Restoration

    Thanks Pete. With your advice i just bit the bullet and used a screwdriver to lever it off. I was just really worried about damaging the pulleys as they are only aluminium, & one of them already appears to be slightly damaged (maybe from a previous owners attempt). Thankyou for your help. I'm...
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    Thicknesser Restoration

    Hi, I have recently begun restoring a 1950's Junior Whitehead thicknesser. I don't have much experience with tool restoration, so am looking for some help! I need to remove the V-belt (triangular profile with no teeth) shown in the below image [Arrow 1: Yellow]. The lever [Arrow 2: White]...
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    Triton TPT125 MK2 Dimensions

    Hi all. Wondering if there is anyone here that owns a Triton TPT125 (the newer mk2) thicknesser that can help me. I have a very small workshop where space to store tools is tight. Can someone tell me what the dimensions of this thicknesser are when the indeed/outfeed tables are folded up? I...