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    I'm leaving....

    To all I joined here a few days ago for some friendship & knowledge but it has taken long before a member has been less than polite and accused me of "whinging". I find life difficult enough without having to defend my innocuous first post. I haven't got the inclination or indeed energy to...
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    Woodrat - Probally The Worst Service Ever?

    Thank you for your love. It's most appreciated. Stay safe & wear that mask. Sausage
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    Woodrat - Probally The Worst Service Ever?

    Well things seem to have changed since your last dealings with him. There's another member on here who said he's sent emails but never gets a reply. Stay well & wear that mask Sausage
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    Woodrat - Probally The Worst Service Ever?

    Hi to one & all Have any of you suffered at the hands of Woodrat & their proprietor Martin Godfrey? I placed an order in August and despite numerous emails I very rarely get a reply. On the odd occasion that they deem to do so, it begins with a sincere apology.....which obviously isn't...