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    Any ideas on the background of this old ruler?

    My pal found this old ruler at the back of his garage. He carefully cleaned and restored it but was puzzled as to its purpose in view of its unusual length and graduations. It is 44 inches long with graduations in inches and divisions of inches on one side and on the other side it is divided...
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    Problem with my bandsaw

    Hi folks - hope you can help. I have a Record RPBS 12 bandsaw which is quite old but really hasn’t seen much use. For a number of years I have put up with a problem but thought it was probably time for me now to consult the experts. When I switch on, the machine runs normally with no untoward...
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    Problem with rise and fall mechanism on scheppach ts2500

    Does anyone know where I could purchase a threaded spindle for this machine. The threads have been damaged by the use of a grommet with an Allan key which has been used as part of this mechanism. This was fitted from new - is this normal? Any help or advice would be much appreciated.