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    Plunge Saw

    Festool pts55 plus one guide rail for £429 or Makita sp6000j with two guide rails for £399 I think I want a riving knife so Festool appears to be winning. Can't find a Dewalt anywhere
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    Selling multico morticer for Domino

    Thinking of selling my not often used multico m3 to part fund a Domino 700. Any opinions?
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    Triton or Vonhaus Spindle Sander

    has anyone got one? Just tempted to get one, bit of an impulse purchase really as not sure I would use it enough but fancy one. Any opinions? Vonhaus for £109 incl VAT seems pretty good value
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    Howdens French Doors help!

    I bought a set of these about 9 years ago https://www.gumtree.com/p/doors-windows ... 1321881360 Those type of things. Howdens no longer sell. They've rotted through and I need to replace desperately for a holiday let. Any idea where I could get them from? The right size. Having moved to...
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    Kitchen Cabinets - are they all created equal?

    I need to put a new kitchen in a barn conversion. I sort of fancy making my own but tell me - is there really point making your own cabinets? I cannot for the life of me see why. Surely just making the doors and drawer fronts is better all round? Who do you think makes the best cabinet and the...
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    Wood fillers

    Got some rotten windows to repair in patches. I've used relatively expensive wood fillers in the past and then moved on to car body filler but wondering now about just using tubes of polyester resin chemical fixing instead? Cheaper and a bit more practical to use. Any comments? I see...
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    Charnwood W015

    Anyone got this router table? I'm fancying it but not sure if a bit crude
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    Would you buy these Spindle Moulders?

    http://www.yandles.co.uk/charnwood-w030 ... eals/p3543 https://www.lumberjacktools.co.uk/produ ... w-lum00111
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    Random Orbit Sander

    A 6" doesn't seem much dearer than a 5" one so quite tempted by a Makita BO6030. Any comments? Will I regret one so big?
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    Iforce Marketzone

    I was looking for a new SDS drill. Found out about Iforce MARKETZONE whereby they tend to send out returned power tools with not much wrong with them. Managed to get a good deal on a Makita SDS drill with a good £55 off the next cheapest one. Bought it "as new" rather than new. Bit of a...
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    DAB Site Radio

    I've got a load of cordless gear which is Milwaukee and very excellent it is too (and cheap from Powertoolmate). The only thing I fancy of late which seems way overpriced is their DAB radio and I figure I can get a Makita DAB 104 with a battery and charger for only a small amount more than just...
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    Bandsaw upgrade

    I have a Scheppach Basato 3 which I fancy upgrading from. I don't need a huge amount more capacity but perhaps a little would be nice. I do have the space for a nice Startrite but live to far away from the action to bag a bargain. Any recommendations on whats about at the moment. I find the...
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    External doors

    Can anyone recommend a place for external timber doors probably glazed? I have a howdens one which is ok but got pretty crappy but since I bought linseed oil paint on another two they do seem to suffer less rot. Need another one now and just checking if there are other alternatives to howdens...
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    woodford router table

    does anyone know if Woodford still sell their cast iron router table or not? Website seems all over the shop and can't get a phone reply Thanks
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    why am i stalling my radial arm saw

    Dewalt 1751 New 60 tooth 10" blade Still seems to stop dead now and again. Getting fed up - hardwood but not silly deep - 1-2" max - do I need to do more shallow cuts Getting fed up
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    why am i stalling my radial arm saw

    Dewalt 1751 New 60 tooth 10" blade Still seems to stop dead now and again. Getting fed up - hardwood but not silly deep - 1-2" max - do I need to do more shallow cuts Getting fed up
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    Which diamond stones?

    I want to get myself some diamond stones the only question I have a few farm tools like billhooks, sycthes, spades, axes etc as well as wanting to keep planes and chisels in order. Also I like buying old tools cheap so would like the chance to bring them back to life. So thinking a coarse...
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    whats not to like about these wet and dry vacs?

    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/WET-AND-DRY-V ... Sw~bFWMPHk Theoretically 3000 watts. Can't find out how much suction it actually does but would this be better than a better make smaller one?
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    About to start a big building project

    About to convert a barn for a dwelling and another barn for an office, wondering on the strategy to get the best price on supplies. any good online ones I should keep an eye on? I've got a few accounts with builders merchants but have not done much with Wickes, tradepoint etc. - are they worth...
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    bandsaw tyres for a basato 3

    anyone know of anywhere cheap to get bandsaw tyres for a Scheppach basato 3? Shall I got for urethane or rubber?