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    Utility blades in place of cabinet scrapers

    I found that when I used to turn the burr I was pushing down too hard. I found it takes a lighter touch and only five or six strokes. If you roll the burr too far you will find the angle (of attack) will be too tipped over for the scraper to be effective. If it is rolled over the right amount...
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    Chisel tang repair

    Just saw off the mushroom, Then straighten it with a hammer as best you can, and make a handle for it.
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    Garno, This is what you need to hold the shaft from rotating while you smack the chuck counter clockwise (looking from the tailstock)Axminster Woodturning Chuck Removal Spanner There is a hole (no flats) on the shaft. With the spanner installed in the pin hole of the shaft... rotate it so the...
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    Fitting plastic sacks on dust extractor

    I attached spring type clothespins around the rim. Works great!
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    Help with a stubborn double through mortise and tenon

    Go ahead and use her handbag... tell her I said it's ok.
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    I made a boom arm for a cable, hose or airline...has anyone else made one?

    You can buy velcro strapping on a large roll quite cheap in the lawn and garden section at a hardware. Use it to wrap vacuum hoses along with cords etc.
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    Help with a stubborn double through mortise and tenon

    I use cork...on a roll for my vices, glued with contact cement or double sided tape. Cheap, lasts, does not mar, and easily replaced.
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    Help with a stubborn double through mortise and tenon

    When you have a tight fitting mortice and tenon joint, as you fit it... it will compress the fibers, and it will look kind of polished where it is too tight. Look for those polished spots, and determine why. I could be the mortice, or the tenon, or alignment, or out of parallel, or any...
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    Not shooting straight!

    Have you checked your square for square?
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    Planer blade sharpening jig

    To remove heavy Knicks you can also use a single cut mill file to draw file. To do this you hold the file to a right angle to the knives and stroke the file from left to right without pushing the file forward while keeping an even downward pressure. After, you can use a fine stone or fine...
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    Tin can forge & 1st time blade making questions.

    My understanding is that charcoal briquettes for a barbeque is wood! Not coal. Coal is much different... it burns hot and adds carbon to the steel. That is how a blacksmith can add carbon to the steel to make it stronger. If using a torch or wood or barbeque briquets for heat you will want to...
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    Veritas style blades

    I would think your blade is quite brittle. I anneal my oil hardened blades in the oven at 400 degrees f for approximately 45 minutes to an hour... until the iron is a straw color (not a hay color). Remove from the oven and let it cool to room temperature without quenching. Doing this softens the...
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    Planer blade sharpening jig

    I have a Dewalt 2 blade model. I place the blades into the jig, and with the jig clamped to the bench... I lap them with a diamond plate. Very easy and effective.
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    My 3rd Post

    You Guys are Great!
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    Hi, From Michigan USA

    Thank You for the warm welcome!
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    My 2nd Post

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    My 3rd Post

    This may be a stupid question... Is UKWoodshop located in United Kingdom and if so where?
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    My 2nd Post

    I would like to know if new posts are automatically sent to my email daily. Gary.
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    Hi, From Michigan USA

    Hi, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Gary, I have been a hobby woodworker for about 50 plus years and can't think of a more enjoyable way to spend my time. I just registered and am looking forward to learning new things from all of you like minded woodworkers. Happy to be here. Gary.