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    Sold Axminster trade drill press, must go soon space needed

    Collection only from my workshop a couple of miles north of Aylesbury. Cash or instant bank transfer on inspection. Any day but Christmas day can be arranged. A few years old now but little used and in excellent condition. I particularly like the keyless chuck which is easy to use and grips...
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    Sold Trend Crt/mk3 router table 240V virtually unused

    Bought late last year, set up but not used as such. Comes with the bag of bits shown in the photo. Selling at £140 for quick sale, cash or instant bank transfer (preferred). Collection only from my workshop near Aylesbury
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    Sold UJK dovetail jig and Leigh adapter set for Trend T5, Dewalt 1/4" reduced to £95 SOLD

    Bought 17th Nov 2019, used once, briefly. New price was £211.90. Not currently available new. Selling at £120 cash or instant bank transfer (preferred). Collection only from my workshop near Aylesbury
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    Kreg pocket hole machine in good condition

    Complete with a brand new genuine Kreg pocket hole jig drill bit. Reason for sale is that I now make pocket holes on my CNC router. The table is included if you want it. Current new price £330 form D&M Tools this one is priced at £200 firm. Cash or bank transfer on collection from my workshop...
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    AUK router table with Incra router lifter and AUK 1/2" or 1/4" router plus accessories SOLD

    None of this is more than 15 months old. I am selling it because I need the space and because I can now do what I've used it for by other means. I don't really do general workshop stuff so don't need the accuracy and adjustability of this system As well as the 1/2" and 1/4" collets I'm supplying...
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    Complete high accuracy 240V iTech/Incra table saw set up WITHDRAWN

    I'll be taking delivery of my new 8x4 CNC router soon and need to find some room for it. With that in mind I have decided to sell my iTech/Incra setup, which comprises iTech 250 10" table saw with cast iron tables iTech dust extractor with 25 spare bags Incra TS/LS table saw fence Jessem clear...
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    iTech 12" spiral head planer thicknesser 240 volt 1 year old WITHDRAWN

    I bought this from new from Scott and Sargent about a year ago, and have used it only very occasionally since, and not at all for several months (change of direction). Anyone who has used a planer with the spiral head and TC blades would I imagine not consider going back to the old straight HSS...
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    iTech rip fence assembly new and free NOW GONE

    Now collected by the first respondent, who will pass it to the second guy if it doesn't fit his own saw.
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    Is there a Sketchup plugin that does this?

    Let's say it's a cabinet with vertical sides and a number of horizontal parts, each a group. Let's say I want to make the cabinet wider or narrower. I move the appropriate side the distance required, but then I have to open the horizontal groups and change their lengths one by one. Anyone know...
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    How to apply glue evenly to lots of long 20mm edges?

    Lots of wooden edge banding to glue (PVA), any suggestions as to suitable glue application equipment?
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    Fixing solid wood edging with industrial double sided tape?

    Up til now I have always used pva to stick solid wood edging, around 5-6mm thick, to plywood or veneered mdf panels, and very successful it has been. However it does take time and clamps, and I have a lot of them to do, so was wondering if anybody here has experimented with the various super...
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    Adjusting a rip fence?

    Good quality new table saw, straight rip fence, and yet there's a slight taper to the cuts. For instance, a panel 450mm long, ripped to a 300mm width, resulting width 300mm at the front (the part that went through first) and 300.3mm at the rear. Any ideas?
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    Axminster heavy goods delivery, two week's wait usual?

    I ordered a couple of machines a week ago, and rang today to find out when they were coming, and was told another week. I know they give themselves plenty of leeway on the website, but am still surprised that it would take so long, it's not as if I am in the middle of nowhere. What's the...
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    Removing planer thicknesser marks quickly

    I've been approached about a hardwood kitchen, which would mean my getting a planer thicknesser and processing quite a lot of wood. In the past when I've done this I've sanded the ripples left by the thicknesser with a belt sander or a random orbit sander, but I wonder if it would be better to...
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    Need someone with a CNC router, small one would be ok

    I need to get a couple of small drilling templates made out of 6mm MDF, a machine that could cope with an area of 200 x 150 mm would be fine. Can anyone point me in the direction of someone who does this for commercially and who would take on a small job like this, alternatively if anyone here...
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    Putting the area in the thread title of the For Sale forum?

    Just a thought, but I often looked at for sale posts only to see collection only from somewhere a couple of hundred miles away. Might be worth it with a large machine being sold at a good price, but that doesn't happen often. With a fast connection it doesn't take long to check out a post on a...
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    Anyone know the diameter of Festool Kapex columns?

    I've been looking at the Kapex 88 but the width of cut isn't wide enough as is. I note that the motor part slides on two horizontal columns and as the intended machine is the equivalent of a radial arm saw I'm considering the possibility of using the Kapex motor on two longer columns which...
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    Sketchup- defining grain direction in components?

    I want to start using a cutlist plug in, but I would like to ensure that when I output a spreadsheet of the parts, that the length is always along the grain. How would I do that? In other words, so that I know when looking at the cut list which dimension of the part defines the grain direction...
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    Source for a manual for my recently acquired Wadkin RD 16" ?

    I've bought one of these machines and it appears to be in excellent condition. I'm having trouble locating a manual for it, the usual suppliers such as Wadkin themselves, and others don't seem to list it. I can probably figure it out, but would be happy to pay for a manual if anyone knows where...
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    Staining A. Black Walnut sapwood to match the heartwood?

    Has anyone done this with any success? There's plenty of advice from the US on how to do this but it doesn't help much as the products aren't available over here. Any experienced info on this much appreciated.