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  1. NickWelford

    Useless facts

    Doesn’t Lily Allen have three nipples?
  2. NickWelford

    Working with brass

  3. NickWelford

    You know the world is moving fast when....

    3 Channels? You were lucky! BBC2 didn’t start until 1964...... only 2 before that. I can’t quite remember when ITV started, although I was three at the time. ]
  4. NickWelford


    Waitrose for Craster kippers
  5. NickWelford

    Drill bits for stainless steel

    I need to make some holes in some 1mm stainless sheet. Not sure my drills are up to it for more than a couple. Any recommendations for decent bits that won’t be blunt in no time?
  6. NickWelford

    Opening thumbnails

    It happens every time there’s a thumbnail pic on the iPad. First one, whichever it is, is only the first part in a strip
  7. NickWelford

    Sand between coats of Osmo?

    I only use Osmo worktop oil, for chopping boards. I generally rub it lightly with a partly used green scouring pad. Seems to give a silkier finish for me.
  8. NickWelford

    Withdrawn Lathe Chuck

    I’m not sure I’d want to turn much on a lathe with ally bed. Wouldn’t want to try anything unbalanced! Honestly, that will put you off turning anything other than dolls house items.
  9. NickWelford

    Purveyors of coveted items

    I think we should add Ashley Iles chisels to the list. Although very affordable, they are all made by hand by a very few blokes in a small place in the countryside in Lincolnshire. I’ve been on a tour, it’s fascinating. They try to use British. Many tools are Victorian. There’s only about 4 or...
  10. NickWelford

    Does this screw centre go inside this set of jaws?

    Once gripped in the jaws, you screw the wood tightly up against said jaws to secure it properly. Works well, bus as Robbo says, you may need a plywood disk or similar to shorten it.
  11. NickWelford

    Spinning a bowl

    Yes, Clogs, that’s what I normally do. I am a sort of silversmith and coppersmith as well as a wood butcherer. Not that I’m particularly good at anything. I just fancied trying it. Annealed copper is pretty soft, so I wouldn’t have thought it was that difficult. Guess I won’t know until I try...
  12. NickWelford

    Spinning a bowl

    Really not sure where to put this topic. I have a wood lathe and want to try spinning a copper bowl on it. I’ll need to turn some kind of wood former so maybe it belongs here! I’m aware of the process but haven’t plucked up the courage to try it yet. I have a ready supply of copper sheet, so I...
  13. NickWelford

    Food board sealing/finishing

    I use Osmo oil, although I have been experimenting with a mixture of walnut oil, beeswax and carnauba wax.
  14. NickWelford

    Electrics upgrade cost?!

    We used to have two circuits in the UK and had two sizes of plug, which were round pins. It was a pain. I just use a usb gang plug.
  15. NickWelford

    Electric vehicles

    When I lived in London and worked in the city, I didn’t bother with a car. Rented when I needed one. Now I live in a hamlet with fewer than 20 people. Buses? Not ever, never will be. It’s 4.5 hilly miles to the nearest shop. A car is absolutely a necessity. I cannot afford to replace my diesel...
  16. NickWelford

    Cheap laser engravers

    https://www.tcoiuie.com/products/laser-engraving-machine?variant=108997378 this is the kind of mini laser engravers I was talking about.
  17. NickWelford

    Cheap laser engravers

    I keep getting online adverts for cheap portable laser engravers, around £35 or so. Probably because I once might have clicked on one once. Has anyone tried them, and do they work for small images? I’m thinking of trying one instead of a branding iron.
  18. NickWelford

    Newbie Alert.

    It’s a good few years since I did one, but I was made to feel like a naughty little boy caught with my fingers in the cookie jar. Not a nice experience, but better than points. Possibly comes down to the presenter I guess. I didn’t learn anything new. I still occasionally find myself a couple of...
  19. NickWelford

    Bench grinder eye shields with lights inbuilt

    I was perusing a YouTube video, as you do, and the American presenter had a porter cable 6 inch bench grinder where the eye shields had built in led lights, which appeared not to be wired in. I have a perfectly good bench grinder, and wondered if anyone knows where I can get new eye shields to...
  20. NickWelford

    Withdrawn Box of "stuff" FINAL REDUCTION BEFORE REMOVED

    I think it’s all underpriced. At least £250