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  1. nick d

    Useless facts

    To be able to see something on the horizon 140km away you would need to be on about the 600th floor of a building or around 1500m above sea level. That depends on how high the thing is you are looking at of course
  2. nick d

    Oscillating Bobbin sanders- Advice please.

    I have the triton spindle and belt sander now about 3 months old. I never used the angle when spindle sanding but often do when belt sanding it’s great for just smoothing off a cut edge.
  3. nick d

    Concrete wall in garage

    As above use sds However I had problems with a concrete barn- some places it would drill fine and in others it would stop - I reckon I was hitting rebar. Any way I bought some gorilla glue and did some test sticks of metal plastic and wood onto the concrete all of which were very succesful and...
  4. nick d

    "non slip" routing mats

    Hi I got a 3 x 4metre piece from Lidl for next to nothing They were selling it as a camping groundsheet that was breathable but it works well as a non slip mat
  5. nick d

    Sketchup drawing and finished project

    I use Sketchup 2017 free version, and i find it great for designing, however I have no clue how to get cutting lists from it. Do you sketch it with every part beinga component?
  6. nick d

    Sketchup drawing and finished project

    Very smart What version of sketchup do you use? Because I use the free one and cannot get anything that useful from it...
  7. nick d

    Cedar strip canoe - moving swiftly on

    Ouch Well I’m glad your dad is ok great shame about the canoe Not even in the water and it’s been holed I think I would have go the strip if all back and make it look pristine again But good luck either way
  8. nick d

    Anyone on the forum good at looking at company financials ?

    Hi I ran into this problem some time ago with a holiday flat we bought. In the end I ended up running the management company, which was owned equally by each of the residents. I have to say that £600 per month sounds extortionate, from memory the flats were paying £1000-£1500 per year and that...
  9. nick d

    Cutting steel rod (16 mm) so it has a square end

    Hi I have an evolution rage saw and that will cut steel accurately like its butter. Might be worth a look, there are many size /price options Cheers nick
  10. nick d

    First green oak project

    Thanks Finished oak frame now The rest is just softwood rafters hopefully get the ridge and 4 rafters on tomorrow and rest of rafters cut that’s if I can get the timber hopefull the photo upjust uploaded shows the joint plan, I dont know what you call it but it seemed sensible.....
  11. nick d

    Cedar strip canoe - moving swiftly on

    Great work Another vote for epoxy but make sure you uv stabilise it
  12. nick d

    First green oak project

    Hi all I wish I’d found this site before. Having watched pros working on my house (see avatar). I thought I would have a go myself. I’ve been working on a a green oak conservatory structure for the last few days. Hopefully will get it finished this afternoon although these last few are very...