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  1. NickWelford

    Drill bits for stainless steel

    I need to make some holes in some 1mm stainless sheet. Not sure my drills are up to it for more than a couple. Any recommendations for decent bits that won’t be blunt in no time?
  2. NickWelford

    Spinning a bowl

    Really not sure where to put this topic. I have a wood lathe and want to try spinning a copper bowl on it. I’ll need to turn some kind of wood former so maybe it belongs here! I’m aware of the process but haven’t plucked up the courage to try it yet. I have a ready supply of copper sheet, so I...
  3. NickWelford

    Cheap laser engravers

    I keep getting online adverts for cheap portable laser engravers, around £35 or so. Probably because I once might have clicked on one once. Has anyone tried them, and do they work for small images? I’m thinking of trying one instead of a branding iron.
  4. NickWelford

    Bench grinder eye shields with lights inbuilt

    I was perusing a YouTube video, as you do, and the American presenter had a porter cable 6 inch bench grinder where the eye shields had built in led lights, which appeared not to be wired in. I have a perfectly good bench grinder, and wondered if anyone knows where I can get new eye shields to...
  5. NickWelford

    Lawnmower engine oil change

    Yes, I know this is a woodworking forum, but it’s the only one I frequent and there are such knowledgeable bods on here that someone is bound to know..... What’s the easiest/cleanest way to drain oil from a Briggs and Stratton 4 stroke mower engine? I always seem to get oil all over the place...
  6. NickWelford

    Old Workmate spares

    I have an old workmate (WM325 I think) that I bought in 1977, for about £22.50, a discount of 10% on the rrp. It’s the one with the aluminium H frames, always better than subsequent pressed steel ones. I need to replace the 24mm ply tops now, and they seem to be very difficult to find, although...
  7. NickWelford

    ALDI grinder / belt sander

    Aldi today have a reasonable looking bench grinder/belt sander on offer for 30 measly devalued pounds Sterling. Does anyone have any experience of it? 3 year warranty. I know it's a bit underpowered, but hey, 30 quid?
  8. NickWelford

    Long twistndrill

    I'm in need of a 5 or 6 mm drill some 200 mm long to drill on the lathe. Any recommendations? Please not Silverline etc, made of cheese.....
  9. NickWelford

    18mm ply

    Does anyone have any recommendations re suppliers of reasonably priced 18mm ply? It's only for shed flooring so no need for top quality stuff. Prices seem to vary from £25 to £50 for an 8 by 4 sheet. I need 4.
  10. NickWelford

    Fireproof foamy

    Hi experts. I'm shortly moving into an old place that has a huge draught coming in around the gas boiler flue. Is there any heatproof foam I can use to seal the big gaps, or should I look for fibreglass padding? I'm sure someone here will have the answers......
  11. NickWelford

    Tv amplifier

    Hi experts. I'm moving into another property and the amp in the pic is there, along with a twin feed coax from, I think, a satellite dish. I presume this amp is analogue and feeding a number of televisions. Am I correct?
  12. NickWelford

    Brass door catch

    Doing some restoration in an old house and I would like to match or replace with like for this catch. Any idea where I can get some?
  13. NickWelford

    Generator questions

    Moving soon and for a while I won't have mains power readily available to the crappy shed that will house my woodworking equipment. I'm toying with the notion of buying a small generator to ease things a bit. I need to run (not all at the same time!) a lathe, bandsaw, table saw, pillar drill...
  14. NickWelford

    Seasonal offering

    An hour sorting through the wood pile and using a couple of Forstner bits.....
  15. NickWelford

    Christmas baubles

    Just turned out a couple of these as gifts. Photo doesn't do it justice really, as it is really tactile. Banksia nut and boxwood.
  16. NickWelford


    I'm desperate. We are plagued with moles - in parts my lawn is so riddled with tunnels it feels like it's going to collapse, not to mention the numerous molehills every day. Does anyone know what I can do to deter them? I feel like flooding the tunnels with propane and igniting it! To can it...
  17. NickWelford

    Macrone spanners

    Picked up a dinky little spanner set by Macrone at the boot sale for 50p. Any idea (toolsntat) what they might have been used for?
  18. NickWelford


    It's somehow very therapeutic sitting there with a drawknife.
  19. NickWelford

    More plane stuff

    Guys, Since attending Richard's open day and chatting to Bill Carter and Oli, Jimi and other accomplished plane makers, I've fallen head over heels for planes, realising that there's more to them than my cheapo copy of a copy of a Stanley. There's no way I can afford the Cliftons etc of the...
  20. NickWelford

    William Wilson of the Wizard

    When I was a lad I used to read about William Wilson, a super athlete who competed at the highest level in many sports - won the ashes for England, scored the winning FA cup final goal etc, I expect some of you might remember him. Anyway, he lived in the railway arches and made a living making...