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  1. BenB

    First Tool Advice

    Hi, does anyone have any advice on where to get effectively priced gouges? I'm starting out, I do have a constrained budget,. but I don't want to buy anything that's going to 1) kill me or 2) that I will throw away in frustration! Thanks!
  2. BenB

    What tool(s) would you buy for £200?

    I have a couple of hundred pounds to spend on a birthday present for myself, not a huge workshop. A full-sized lathe won't fit easily What tool or tools have you bought yourself that you used all the time or gave you particular satisfaction? I already have a drill/driver, impact driver, table...
  3. BenB

    Table Skittles Project - No Plans!

    Who doesn't love table skittles? I'm planning to make my own set, I'm thinking walnut, black felt and polished stainless steel/chrome (rather than oak, brass and green baize). Nice box joint corners. Trouble is that I have no idea where to get the plans from, does anyone have an idea where I...
  4. BenB

    Hardwood Suppliers Please

    Hi Guys, Could anyone recommend a supplier of reasonably priced hardwood for projects please? I live in southwest London. Thanks