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  1. XH558

    Persuading a non payer

    Fail to pay then claim via the small claims court. The successful outcome results in damaging the credit rating of anyone living at that address the last time I checked. Not the most exciting outcome nor the most dramatic/spectacular but it works for me.
  2. XH558

    Flat head screw supplier - am i being daft?

  3. XH558

    Scrabble tabble

    Totally discombobulated by your effort.
  4. XH558

    Central Heating / Hot Water Issues

    Can I add that water should be stored at 60C+ to prevent salmonella. Raising the temp on the cylinder stat is a start. Also check the boiler stat so that it fulfills the demand of the cylinder. This would mean that you will be using less hot and more cold to bring the showering temperature down...
  5. XH558

    First real wood butchery.............

    Thank you Rorton. Yes I did apply the round over once I had glued and pinned it together. Finished with a wax polish.
  6. XH558

    First real wood butchery.............

  7. XH558

    Interesting Christmas gift

    I have a couple of similar devices. Great for their purpose but I shudder to think what they could do in the wrong hands....................
  8. XH558

    Tier 4

    Matching Green is in Essex................
  9. XH558

    Winter Solstice

    I love it up 'properly north' in the summer but would like to see what its like in the winter. Love the highlands............
  10. XH558

    Wanted Stanley No8 plane

    I have a Stanley Number 6 that I have no use for. If it is of use then DM me. Apart from a bit of surface oxidation it looks brand new. the box is a bit tatty though.
  11. XH558

    16 Amp supply for bandsaw

    My days of going commando are few and far between.;););)
  12. XH558

    16 Amp supply for bandsaw

    I'm very grateful for your concern as to my levels of competence. Most touching. My shed, it is on a ring as I did the installation. First and second fix. You are most welcome to come and inspect it if you wish. Should you desire I can post a copy of the IEE Certification too.
  13. XH558

    How not to operate a miter saw

    I bet she is 'handy' to know. Yes OK, I am getting my hat and coat...........
  14. XH558

    Your Cars

    You needed to get rid of the forest attached to the traveller...... ;);)
  15. XH558

    16 Amp supply for bandsaw

    My Axminster thicknesser trips the Breaker in my shed. its rated at 16A. If I run a trailing lead from the outside socket at the house it works fine. The Breaker for that circuit is 32A so I will be upgrading by shed breaker to 32A for the ring main in the shed. Oh, the thicknesser runs off a...
  16. XH558

    Compressed Air Fittings

    That is exactly what I did. Jobs a good 'un.
  17. XH558

    Your Cars

    First car 998cc mini until i fitted a 1275GT engine that was bored out to 1340cc, Leyland 731ST half race cam with a pair of Stromberg 1 3/4" carbs. LCB exhaust and a Rover 2600 centre box at the back. 6Jx10 wheels and 165/70 10's. Cooper S gearbox. Went like the proverbial off shovel. 2.0 S...
  18. XH558

    Compressed Air Fittings

    Those are PCL fittings. https://www.screwfix.com/p/pcl-xf-male-adaptor-plug/2015h Hope this helps.
  19. XH558

    What do you call someone who....

    You could also consider a building surveyor. They are very good at adaptations, extensions etc.
  20. XH558

    Nails or screws

    Errr, what about the Twisted Manchester nails? You know the ones with either the slotted heads or the posher Philips/Posidrive heads? They are very clever and provide a superb fixing.