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  1. Snettymakes

    Bowed MDF

    I have nearly completed a built in desk that features a trough (with "lids") along the back for wires. The trough becomes just a lid in the middle to allow access for a radiator that the desk sits on top of. I had planned on adding vent holes, but not got around to it yet. The lid is made from...
  2. Snettymakes

    Is this Ekki/Azobe?

    I picked up a length of reclaimed Azobe at the weekend. I chucked it through the planet which just about coped and the result is an incredible orange wood, which seems at odds with the descriptions of “reddish / violet brown” that I’ve seen online. Can anybody confirm that this is in fact...
  3. Snettymakes


    Can anybody recommend any books that give a comprehensive overview of finishing types and suitable applications? I find myself rather lost on the subject and would like at least a cursory understanding.
  4. Snettymakes

    Chess Cabinet

    I'm going to try making a chess cabinet with this design as the inspiration. I don't have the skillset or inclination to turn the pieces, so I am planning a boxy somewhat abstract design that I can manage with the bandsaw and some (very) limited hand carving. Perhaps the pieces get replaced at...
  5. Snettymakes

    Fixing for box lining

    I’ve made a simple sapelle jewellery box that I’m lining with maple. I’ve got a decent but not perfect fit on the sizing and mitres, so I don’t think leaving the lining floating is an option, and I’m unsure how to fix. My current plan is a few dabs of ca for the bottom panel, and more ca for...
  6. Snettymakes

    HiKOKI C8FSHGJ2Z Slide Compound Mitre Saw 216mm

    Does anybody have any experience with this saw? I’m interested in it as it’s the cheapest compact saw I’ve seen, but I’m struggling to find any reviews. Any info gratefully received.
  7. Snettymakes

    Dust Extraction Filter Cartridge

    I need to replace the canvas bag filter on my dust extractor. Axminster sell this for my AC82E, but the lead time could be a couple of months and my lungs can't wait that long (I sound like somebody pumping up an airbed). Can anybody advise on alternative vendors/cartridges? I understand that...
  8. Snettymakes

    "Vanity" breadboard ends

    I pilfered some old oak cabinet doors from a work colleague which I have processed into a modest collection of strip wood and small panels. He had previously asked about the practicality of making a toy box for his son and I talked him through the process of MDF faker shaker construction and...
  9. Snettymakes

    Foldable Router Table

    I recently bought a Triton TRA001 specifically because of the height adjustment feature for using in a router table. I had initially planned to make my own table top, but after looking at the insert for the Triton Workcentre I decided that £150 including the fence and accessories was a no...
  10. Snettymakes

    Reclaimed black walnut

    I was offered a large sideboard from a colleague, he said it was “heavy” but no more details. Expecting laminated MDF, I took a punt and made the journey to collect and to my surprise, I appear to have scored a lot of solid black walnut. Can anybody confirm? The sideboard itself is in...
  11. Snettymakes

    Joining plywood to 40mm MDF "Worktop"

    I'm building a desk for the home office and have an off cut of 40mm MDF that we used as a worktop for another project. Unfortunately it's not quite as deep as required, but as it will be built-in this gives me an opportunity to add a "cable trough" along the back edge. I have made this from...
  12. Snettymakes

    Live edge console table

    This was my first foray into solid wood furniture making after tinkering with some pretty successful MDF projects. My wife bought me a lovely piece of oak for my birthday (as you do) and I was inspired to use it as the top for a new sofa side table. The overall design would be a classic...
  13. Snettymakes

    Protecting painted baltic ply

    I have made a dressing table with baltic birch ply and have painted the surfaces whilst leaving the end grain exposed. I intended to add some varnish (Ronseal Interior Varnish) for protection but when applying to a hidden area it left a lot of milky streaking which some research tells me is the...