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  1. weirdbeardmt

    My homemade router table

    I'm not entirely sure in what order to present this, or indeed what the point of this thread is, other than a bit of show and tell. Today, I started building a router table. This was on the back of a random but enduring conversation with MikeK which started with me asking about the Triton style...
  2. weirdbeardmt

    How to cut laminate worktop

    Hi. I’m starting the process of building a router table. I have an off cut of kitchen top that I think would be good for it. I’d like install some T track etc in it for the fence and looking for some advice on the best way to rout this in so that the surface itself Is as neat as possible. I’m...
  3. weirdbeardmt

    Is it time to buy a new tool... router table / table saw / spindle moulder?

    Hi all, I'm a hobbyist woodworker, doing it for approx 3 years, limited in space to a single garage and time/patience due to busy life/kids etc. I admit that in the early days I was heavily informed by the school of YouTube, and went on a bit of a splurge buying all the tools I thought I...
  4. weirdbeardmt

    Table saw advice please...

    Dear all, Have often used these forums (thanks to the google) for various advice... but now need to ask for some help. Apologies that this is probably asked all the time! I've spent some time searching about and whilst there is some stuff, a lot of it is a few years' old so... It's time to...