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  1. Terry Smart

    Andrew Hall online demo tonight (26 November)

    Hi We're hosting another Conkers LIVE broadcast tonight, featuring a demo from Andrew Hall. Doors open at 7.15, demo at about 7.30. But get there early for a chat. It's free, no sign-ups and no downloads. Hope we'll see you there.
  2. Terry Smart

    Live Demo with Paul Hannaby tonight

    Hi all The last demo we hosted created a lot of interest and we're hoping that our latest will do the same. We're joined by Paul Hannaby tonight for a livestream demo which should be of interest to all turners, regardless of their skill level. It's hosted on our YouTube channel for easy...
  3. Terry Smart

    Fun video

    Hi All Hope you had a good Christmas. We've posted a little video on our Facebook page here which is more than well worth a look at. You DON'T have to be a Facebook user to look at the page or to click on the video, the page is open to EVERYONE.
  4. Terry Smart

    For friends and supporters of Chestnut Products...

    Hello all We're lucky enough to have a number of friends and supporters on this forum, and we're grateful to all of you. If you're one of them, head over to our Facebook page where you might find something daft but interesting!
  5. Terry Smart

    Woodcraft Weekend at National Botanic Gardens, Wales

    Hi All Just wanted to let everyone know about this show (more details here: http://www.gardenofwales.org.uk/news/woodcraft-weekend-2/) which we'll be attending for the first time this year. I especially want everyone to know that KimG will be working alongside us at the show giving...
  6. Terry Smart

    Do you use Gilt Cream?

    Do you use Gilt Cream... regularly. We're after four or five experienced users for a trial, please pm me for more information if you fit the bill Thanks
  7. Terry Smart

    Bit cross

    I try not to rant on here, but this has got under my skin... Had an email this afternoon from someone who had bought some Ebonising Lacquer and he wasn't pleased with its performance. His 'complaint' was partly correct, he'd reached a wrong conclusion based on information supplied but we're all...
  8. Terry Smart

    Any native-French speaking turners out there?

    if so, and you fancy doing me a small favour, could you pm me please? Thanks
  9. Terry Smart

    Computer power supply issues?

    Hi This isn't about the actual power supply in the computer, more the AC coming to the computer... I think. We need a small computer in the warehouse, nothing fancy, just for printing labels, delivery notes etc. Problem is, we've tried two and neither of them will boot up. They start ok, then...
  10. Terry Smart

    Anyone in Italy want to do me a favour?

    Hi I wonder if any of our Italian members would like to do some detective work on my behalf and try to track down a product for me? I don't want to go into details here so please pm me for more information, there will be a 'finders fee' paid in one form or another! :wink:
  11. Terry Smart

    Smartphone short of memory - any advice

    Hi I've got an HTC Desire which, in the main, I'm very happy with. Apart from the built-in memory, which I have discovered is a bit low. It was probably ample at the time, but at 512mb I think some apps have got carried away with themselves and eaten it up. I've removed as many downloaded apps...
  12. Terry Smart

    Charging a mobile phone

    Hi Folks Mobile phones are often the bane of my life... I'm having trouble getting my mobile to charge. I've tried a range of new/different chargers and they don't seem to make any difference. When left on ovenight to charge, the battery will charge for a while (anything from a few seconds to...
  13. Terry Smart

    Very long shot - Renault Megane Cabriolet interior light ?

    Hi This is a long shot, but you never know... Mandy has an 03 Renault Megane Cabriolet, the soft top version. The interior light has stopped working and after removing the light cover (which is also the switch mechanism) we've found an odd little bit of metal in the cover. It's broken off from...
  14. Terry Smart

    Do these fittings even exist?

    I'm sorry, that's the best subject heading I could give; I don't know what they're called so I can't search for them... I'll explain... We're trying to redecorate our bedroom; to give more storage space (which could be dangerous as Mandy will probably proceed to fill it with more clothes!)...
  15. Terry Smart

    Thanks Dave!

    Title says it all... he'll know what I'm on about.
  16. Terry Smart

    e-mail accounts - opinions sought

    Hi Folks It has often been said that the best method with email is to use a web-based system such as, I guess, hotmail or gmail. With a re-install looming I'm finding the prospect of trying to back-up all my emails one that I'm not looking forward to so I think it's time to make the change. I...
  17. Terry Smart

    Handles for drawers

    Hi Folks I need some handles for some drawers; the main criteria is that they need to be flush fitting and preferably cheap - appearance isn't a major issue as they won't really be seen. One idea I've had is to use the type of pull you'd get in a kitchen - a shaped metal strip which would go...
  18. Terry Smart

    Any silversmiths/jewellery makers?

    Hi All One of my daughters will be 18 in a couple of month's time and has asked everyone for a silver charm for a charm bracelet 'that will always remind her of the giver'. I'm wondering about having the Chestnut Products logo made as a small charm, is this feasible and is there anyone out...
  19. Terry Smart

    Calling any Audacity users - help needed! - Now Solved

    Hi I've been using Audacity for some years now, not very much recently, but I've tried to record something this morning and am not having any success. The problem is that the drop down box that gives me the option of the sound source (microphone, line-in, stereo mix etc) isn't givng me any...
  20. Terry Smart

    Plagarism - Can I do anything about it

    Hi All I'm after your opinions and some advice please Over the weekend (nice to see some of you by the way!) I purloined a copy of a catalogue from one of my competitors - we wouldn't be doing our job properly if we didn't know what they're up to after all, I'm sure they do the same with us...