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  1. Escudo

    Some devil has pinched me chimney!

    Hello fellas, Not posted on the forum for a while, been very busy and have not spent a great deal of time in the workshop over the last year or so. The secret santa gig brings me back to the forum at this time of year. I enjoy that fun event. Still. I looked out of the bedroom window this...
  2. Escudo

    Secret Santa 2015?

    Hello all, Just dropped in to see if there was going to be a secret santa for this Christmas? Might have missed something, but would like to join in if it is on. Cheers, Tony.
  3. Escudo

    Yandles spring show 10th - 11th April

    Hello fellas, Who is going to the Yandles show next month? There is also the chance to take in this event, stay over for a few days and watch the mighty Blades take on Yeovil on the following Tuesday evening 14th April. If anyone is keen on a five day blast speak up or stay in bed. Esc.
  4. Escudo

    Bargain Wiha screwdriver set

    Fellas, Whilst looking for a couple of screwdrivers to replace one or two which went missing in the workshop. I found this set, which arrived this morning; http://www.lawson-his.co.uk/wiha-1619br0400-17-piece-professional-to-p143972 I reckon for just over £20 including the postage this set is...
  5. Escudo

    MAC Timbers open day

    Hello all, I thought it would be nice to give a good word to Mike Cawthorne and Rene (Mike's partner) who I met on Sunday at their workshop and wood yard open day in Lower Benefield, a small village west of Oundle, near Peterborough. The day started with a bit of excitement as the main...
  6. Escudo

    I have won a prize!..Yipee

    It seems as though I have won a prize in F & C competition. A letter came with congratulations and to look out for my prize in the post. A Kreg master Jig system, I think it is like this one; http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=XrebqzFXSII Happy days. :D :D Tony.
  7. Escudo

    Rutlands Titebond glue offer

    Hello fellas, This looks a good buy, although I was wondering about the shelf life of this glue? as this quantity would last me for years. https://www.rutlands.co.uk/cgi-bin/psPromotions.cgi?promo=153 Any thoughts? Cheers, Tony.
  8. Escudo

    Using old furniture as a cheap source of timber

    Fellas, I am sure this is not a new idea, but it would seem to make sense. Lot of timber here for 99p http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/solid-oak-double-door-large-wardrobe-/120822616688?pt=UK_Bedroom_Furniture&hash=item1c2196d270 I also like the idea of being able to make an item and possibly...
  9. Escudo

    Colen Clenton

    Hello fellas, Stumbled on this interesting clip of Colen Clenton the celebrated tool maker. 8) http://www.skillsone.com.au/industry/5/manufacturing/video/210/the-toolmaker/ I liked his beard, and the look of his way of life. Tony.
  10. Escudo

    Not sure what to make of this?

    Hello fellas, Don't know if anyone has seen this clip, most peculiar. http://www.whoisthemonkey.com/videos/40/impossible-nail-through-wood-trick Tony.
  11. Escudo

    Cressing Temple

    Who is going to Cressing Temple at the weekend? If I can escape I will go on Saturday. Tony.
  12. Escudo

    Hegner lathe restoration

    Hello fellas, I picked up the second hand Hegner lathe earlier this week. Members may remember I purchased this from the ebay a month or so ago. The lathe runs nicely but is in a tatty state, the previous owner admitted that it had not been used for years. I am sure with a bit of effort maybe...
  13. Escudo

    Hegner ebay scoop

    Thought I would share todays ebay success. An upgrade to my present small mini lathe. The Hegner hdb200xl. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=260813842106&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT I understand this lathe is 4ft long so I will have to do a bit of reorganising to fit it in...
  14. Escudo

    Reducing length of lathe bed

    Hello fellas. Is it possible to reduce the length of lathe bed without compromising stability. Say from 5ft to 3ft? Wonder if anyone else has done this? Might be a crackpot idea Cheers Tony.
  15. Escudo

    The Wheelwright's shop

    Has anybody read this book by George Sturt? I have just picked up a copy from flee-bay and plan to make it my holiday read, in a week or two's time. Argh, sitting on the beach in sunny Dorset reading with a beer and my trusty pipe. Now that is luxury. :D T
  16. Escudo


    Looking for a little pointer fellas, Need to put a little bevel / countersink on some 19mm holes. Can anyone recommend a suitable bit for this? Thanks, Tony.
  17. Escudo

    Delta drill press

    I like the look of this feature packed drill press; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yWE6xDUer-w&NR=1 Can you buy Delta machinery in the UK? At £500 ($829) this looks like a lot of machine. If buying from the US what power supply would the machine have and could you run it here with some sort of...
  18. Escudo

    Thien seperator bin

    Hello fellas, Here are a few pics of my Thien seperator bin which is working surprisingly well. :shock: For members unfamiliar with this dust collection set-up the idea here is to use the seperator bin to increase sawdust collection capacity. The dustbin sits between the vacum, in this...
  19. Escudo

    Roubo bench project - WIP (UPDATE No 3 )

    Hello fellas, Here are some pictures of a new project, to build a Roubo bench for the new workshop. I will take some pictures of my new workshop for another thread when it is not wet, covered in snow or fog, or so upside down it would be :oops: . A new bench has been a priority for the last...
  20. Escudo

    Fobco pillar drill

    Hello fellas, I am not sure if this pillar drill is a good buy, particularly given it's current use as a chicken plucker. :shock: :? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/FOBCO-STAR-PILLAR-PEDESTAL-DRILL-240V-INC-3PH-MOTOR-/130478549776?pt=UK_Home_Garden_PowerTools_SM&hash=item1e6120ab10 I think I will...