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    Red Arrows Over Dawlish

    On their annual visit, as seen from the roof of Teignmouth yacht club. cheers Mike
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    Since we're making knives

    Here's one, going away tomorrow for a day or two so hoped to finish this tonight. All done except for a visit to the stones. from left to right, Uddeholm carbon steel lapp blade from Workshop Heaven, brass bolster, bit of bog oak, plastic spacer, bit of spalted beech. Cheers Mike
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    Booksale Heads Up

    US based and no good if you haven't got a credit card. But Taunton appear to be having a book sale. http://store.taunton.com/onlinestore/catalog/woodworking cheers Mike
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    Auriou reopen for business.

    Three cheers for Mike Hancock eh, In case you haven't seen this yet http://www.woodworking-magazine.com/blog/PermaLink,guid,cba79f50-d380-421f-906e-e5b31b0cd142.aspx cheers Mike
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    Chair plans?

    Ihave to make a kiddies chair to go with an old style school desk (lift up top style) Has anybudy seen any plans lurking about that might be appropriate. Im looking for something reasonably quick, simple and cheap to make. If I cant find a plan I'll make something up and that's a recipe for...
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    Tiles on tiles - advice wanted.

    As step one in the Great Bathroom Refit we have started removing tiles from the bathroom walls prior to installing a new basin and a new shower unit. The existing tiles are on a lathe and plaster wall. As the tiles come off the wall large lumps of plaster are coming away as well, in a couple of...
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    Macs and Windows

    And with that contentious title... but while avoiding the whole mine is bigger than yours thing... I was wondering whether those mac users out there have much experience of windows emulation. I am thinking about buying a mac (due to sudden hardware implosion and a need to replace it)- Im...
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    Amusing website

    http://producten.hema.nl/ nicely done and thoroughly pointless :) Sound on let the page load and then hang on just a tic... Cheers Mike
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    Gluing a pattern to workpiece.

    Evening all. I'm not a scroller so I could be talking oot me 'at, but I'm presuming that to cut a pattern on a scrollsaw one glues a paper pattern to the wood prior to cutting? If that's the case what sort of glue is used? I imagine it has to be a low tack, easy to remove, non marking type of...
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    Separated Shoulder (Vice)

    The threaded bar and glue that held the shoulder vice together has proved stronger than the wood itself - no surprise there. What does the panel think might be the best course of action to remedy? Cheers Mike [/img]
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    mr part 2 Intermediate submission.

    Did I get it in in time? Anyway, the plan was to dowel the cabinet together so that the top and base would overhang the sides and I could put some sort of relief onto the overhang. So I knocked up this quick dowel jig. unfortunately the jig wasn't accurate enough and the dowels ended up out of...
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    Servants Fireplace Bell Pulls

    Evening all, Am currently decorating the front room and need a pair of aforementioned fireplace bell pulls like the ones in the picture here. http://www.olliffs.com/product_detail.php?prod_id=190 Any ideas where I might find this sort of thing? So far I've found the ones in the pic and a...
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    Any views on the Joint Genie?

    Hi all I have a bunch of dowels that I need to do soon and don't want to make a complete hash of it as i did on my first attempt. I've been looking at commercially available jigs and the best I've found seems to be the Craftsman Joint Genie but it's not cheap at £95 or so. Anybody used one? Do...
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    Cleaning up a Stratocaster

    Having recently hit my 40s I have decided to have a midlife crisis and become a rockstar. To this end I have bought meself a wee Marshall amp (to replace my sadly demised WEM dominator) and dug the Strat out of the attic. It hasn't seen the light of day for a few years now and is covered in...
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    Cost of scary sharp method long term ? - sharpening again!

    I've just tried the scary sharp method yesterday after always having used and hated waterstones 'til now. I was amazed at the result from the wet n dry - far better result than from the waterstones, the blade I tried it on is as new again. The reason I tried it was that I had a fairly hefty nick...
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    Competition part 2 entry. WIP with pics.

    Having just re read the entry guidelines to make sure that my part 2 doesn't have to match my part 1 I just noticed that the guidelines say we can make any number of entries so I may have another go at something else as well. Perhaps my Part 1 design who knows - anyway... Apologies in advance...
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    Jewson Timber centre pricing

    I passed by the local Jewson timber centre today and popped in looking for some construction type softwood, they had none (seems to be the story of my life), at least they had a small pile but it was "water damaged" and not for sale. On the way out I noticed some quite nice looking pine, clear...
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    This weekend 's project

    Or at least it will be if I manage to escape the office. (If I spent less time looking at woodworking sites during the working day praps I'd escape earlier - just a thought). Anyway the small boy has comissioned a toy chest which has to look like a pirates treasure chest, I know where Im going...
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    Yandles Self Selection centre

    Heres a daft question :) Having wandered around Yandles self selection centre but having never bought anything other than turning blanks and tools from the shop part, it strikes me that I dont know how that self selection thing works. What do you do? Make a big stack of boards and then go find...
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    moving objects in Sketch Up

    So I decided to give sketch up another go, despite Daves very kind assistance I never did manage to get on with it. Anyway here I am wondering why I thought I'd give it another go, I remember why I uninstalled it before now. How on earth do you move objects around and have them located in...