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    Under Floor Heating

    HI, I continue with my house project and am struggling with planning our heating (our main 2021 project). We will install retro cast iron radiators (water) on the ground floor so that's clear. We are considering using under floor heating on the first and second floors. The plasterboard...
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    A newbie chainsaw question. I started using my new chainsaw for the first time today. The first hand full of trees came down fine (not your giant redwood you understand), then the chain came off the arm mid cut. Back to the user manual, putting the chain back on and some of the links are...
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    Unwelcome visitors

    The next little challenge in our renovation project relates to some unwanted visitors. We have a surplus of flies in one (and only one) of our rooms. They seem to arrive here and mostly die. We can hoover up hundreds of carcasses at a time only to find a similar number within a few hours. We...
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    Attic Floor replacement / wood shrinkage?

    I am about to replace 75 m2 of attic floor in my renovation project. The house has not been occupied for a few years and has no insulation at all. I want to replace the floor before insulating the attic ceiling (as I would like something to stand on that might take my weight). The floorboard...
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    Intro and first project (not such a trivial one)

    Hi, I have just found this site whilst looking for info on vapour control layers. I quickly found out what I was looking for so figured I would join. I guess the first thing to do is to introduce myself and my current project (which will take a few years to complete). My name is Pete, I am a...