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    Workshop security

    I alarmed my garage/workshop with a Yale HSA6400 that I purchased from Screwfix 3 years ago and have been happy with it. It is no longer on sale but the Yale Premium+ (Screwfix 7338X) looks similar. I have the control box plugged into a 240v socket in the house and the alarm siren box and...
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    Slot Cutting Router Bit Advice

    Yes that is correct Trevanion. A groove for the 6mm panel. Thanks Trevanion and Phil Pascoe for your advice. I see you both recommend the same make as Peter Millard uses. I will order an arbor and groover from Wealden.
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    Slot Cutting Router Bit Advice

    Hi All I would like to build some wall hung cabinets for the garage with shaker style doors. I need a slot cutting router bit for the door build. The bit will be sitting in a Triton TRA001 router housed in a router table, so I could buy 1/4" or 8mm shank bits. I would like a good quality slot...
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    Buying Advice - Stanley Compressor From Screwfix

    Hi Novocaine I sent a query to SGS and have just had a message back to say FAD is approx 2/3 of the quoted CFM, so I have to assume that the delivery figure in the manual is in fact not the FAD figure. In this case I will have to rule out the SGS SC50H compressor. This appears to be a minefield...
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    Buying Advice - Stanley Compressor From Screwfix

    Thanks for pointing that out novocaine. I hadn't looked at the SGS manual and assumed that the 9.6CFM was not the FAD figure. It does make it look good value. Cheers.
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    Buying Advice - Stanley Compressor From Screwfix

    Thanks for your advice novocaine. I assume the SGS SC50H 9.6CFM would reduce to approx 6CFM FAD which may be getting a bit low. I did look at the SGS SC50V at 14.6CFM (approx 9CFM FAD?) for £180, but they have sold out so it is no longer available. I also now see that my choice of the Stanley is...
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    Buying Advice - Stanley Compressor From Screwfix

    Thanks for the info Porker. From my research over the last few days I realise that the CFM that most compressor manufacturers quote is the amount of air that the compressor draws in and not the amount that reaches the tool. I believe that the free air delivery (FAD) is the air that reaches the...
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    Buying Advice - Stanley Compressor From Screwfix

    Hi All Does anyone have any thoughts on the 50l, 2.5hp Stanley FCDV4G45CR006 compressor that Screwfix are currently selling for £219.99 or the Scheppach HC53DC 50l for £299.98. Stanley Compressor / Scheppach Compressor Does anyone own one of these. Are they reliable and value for money? Any...
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    Sold Veritas MKII honing guide

    That was a fantastic giveaway. I have one of these and would recommend them to anyone. A bit fiddly to use, but gives great results when sharpening chisels.
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    Repainting old previously cellulose sprayed MDF kitch cpbds.

    I agree with Droogs comments. Getting a good initial key for the primer coat requires a good clean surface with no oil / fat stains, so the initial degreasing with the sugar soap is essential along with the initial sanding to get a good key to the cupboard surface. I have always found that the...
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    Just Arrived

    I agree with your comments Ozzy. I have only been on the forum for a couple of years and do not usually post messages, but get a tremendous amount of information and knowledge by just reading the threads. Keep up the good work all you regular posters.
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    my virginmedia contract ends shortly

    Another thought - If you cannot get a better offer then ask to speak to the disconnections department to "find out the procedure required for leaving the company" even if you do not actually want to leave. Internally the disconnections department is known as the retentions department and they...
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    my virginmedia contract ends shortly

    I have been with Virgin cable for at least 20 years - when they started out as Telewest. Every few years I give them a call and ask if they can help me reducing the cost of my account as I need to cut down on my day to day expenses. Usually they knock a bit of money off especially if you can...
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    my virginmedia contract ends shortly

    Mobile phones are easy for simple people like me that only want to make calls, send texts and see emails. Buy a cheap sim free phone from Argos - I have a Motorola G7 Play for £90 and then get a cheap sim from someone like GiffGaff for £8/month - Bobs your uncle.
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    Thanks for the mitre saw and planer thicknesser Gary. Hope you manage to get rid of everything. Just wish I had more money to buy some of your other tools! Phil
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    SOLD:Tormek 1200

    Hi John Thank you for the Tormek. It is just what I need. I appreciate your demonstration and will buy a small diamond sharpening stone as you suggested. Will also have a go freehand with an old kitchen knife to see how sharp I can get it.
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    SOLD:Tormek 1200

    PM sent.
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    SOLD - Irwin quick-grip clamps X 10

    Hi Ed, I'll take these. Will send you a pm.
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    Which Router for a Homemade Router Table

    I managed to pick up a no name router table from one of the forum members a while ago and fixed a Triton TA0001 under the table by removing the base plate and, using the screws that I had removed, fixing it to the insert plate. I really do like the ability to raise the router from above the...