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    TSPP250 table saw: Anyone tell me what this is for.....

    Hi all, I really like this saw but I have it in bits at the mo to finally sort out the ‘pull’ blade operation once and for all as it’s never been aligned properly (by the way I’ve cracked it). Anyway, decided to take it to bits completely and give it a good overhaul/clean out etc. With regard...
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    Anyone near Abergavenny and knows about record power tspp250

    Hi, Just bought an older record power table saw tspp250 and although the basic machine is sound (I think) its in many many many pieces as well as missing some I'm thinking. Anyone able to provide any assistance/info especially in relation to the sliding table? Many thanks, Dave
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    Metabo bas260. Blade off when reversed and bearing issue

    Hi, I'm a newbie here and to bandsaws. I've bought a supposed new machine and although I have tracked it by hand and all seems ok including running it electrically the blade will not stay on the wheels if it is hand-turned backwards (only a 1/3 of a wheel turn).....you may be thinking why turn...