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    Epoxy help

    There is an English guy on youtube who has a youtube channel called manor wood and he does a lot of this type of work and explaines the process very well.
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    Miniature Traction Engine

    I hope that you will keep updating this as I would like to follow your progress.
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    Lidl Update

    I would be interested in watching your video will you give us a link when you have uploaded it?
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    Lidl Update

    Someone asked for the torque figure and I replied. I did not suggest that a £39 tool from a supermarket was on the same level as the high end tools that you have experience with.
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    Lidl Update

    I've got the Lidl Parkside 1/2 drive corded impact wrench. The manual says that it is good for 100nm doing up and 320nm undoing. It has been powerful enough to do what I have wanted including the wheel nuts on my van.
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    How would you rate the UK's handling of this pandemic?

    Ask yourself without the benefit of hindsight what would you have done differently.
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    Tape measure

    I really like the Advent visa versa tape I purchased not long ago from Toolstation.
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    Moderators ID

    Personally I don't think that your reply to that post showed good manners and was almost rude. The op was asking for help with the construction and not for personal opinion on the design. Should your reply have been removed I don't know but it has been and I think you should just accept that...
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    Dust ports- so many different non standard sizes : (

    My solution to this problem is quite simple. The hose from my shop vac has a universal car steering rack gaiter fitted on it with a 40mm waste pipe connector fitted in the other end and my portable power tools have another gaiter fitted on the dust port with a short length of 40mm waste pipe...
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    Which Diamond Stone?

    I have 3 Vaunt diamond stones from ITS . At the moment I think that they have an offer on them and that would sort out your first problem. I have 300 600 1000 these are the first and only diamond stones I have so can't compare but I have been really pleased with mine.
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    Youtube !

    And that without doubt is how all this will end.
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    Van engine replacement

    When you say it died do you mean it has seized up due to lack of oil? Paul (retired vehicle mechanic)
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    Scroll saw cutting depths???

    Bear in mind that you won't be able to do internal cuts with a bandsaw but it would be better for the outside shape. Looks good for first attempt.
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    Scroll saw cutting depths???

    I have no experience of cutting gun stocks but I think a bandsaw may be a better tool for the job.
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    Wanted a table adjustment wheel / handle for a Kity 635 planer thicknesser

    I think that an 8mm 1/4 drive deep 12 point socket will fit. It must be 12 point and deep.
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    Bedsprings ! ...or similar to fix a big vise?

    Only in that small section I think.
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    Bedsprings ! ...or similar to fix a big vise?

    Is it not possible to get it welded back together?
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    inca 260 bandsaw

    I have done a few trials today and without doubt extraction works better under the table like yours than at the bottom of the saw the way I had it. When I have finished I will post a photo of what I have done.
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    INCRA Tiny T-Rule and Bend Rule Pass Around

    Last Christmas the grand children clubbed together to buy me the set of 3 of these. Without doubt this small one is the one I use the most and would recommend it to anybody.
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    inca 260 bandsaw

    The dust extraction is a bit work in progress. I didn't want to make any permanent modifications to it so I have used 2 car steering rack gaiters that fit inside the holes at the bottom of the saw connected to the shop vac with some plumbing fittings. It is an improvement but is by no means a...