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    Making a brass infill plane (Hattori Hanzo, DP)

    With regard to drawing the file back after the forward stroke, AES of this forum, has this to say in his very comprehensive post on files and filing. At the end of the forward stoke, the cutting action must be disengaged from the work. In the picture below I've exaggerated this, trying to show...
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    Won't somebody think of "young people"? (Edit: and No, older people aren't "to blame")

    When me and my wife bought our first house in 1978 the maximum mortgage available was 2.5 times the main salary plus one times the lesser. We had to put down a 30 percent deposit to be able to get the mortgage at IIAC 7.5 percent. At first we struggled when the interest rates increased and were...
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    Invasion of US Capitol building

    It's getting rather silly now. Newly elected Republican congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green says that she will file impeachment articles against Joe Biden on his first day in the Oval Office on grounds of "Abuse of power." Nigel.
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    How would you rate the UK's handling of this pandemic?

    My wife has been called in to work today as three carers were sent home after a positive lateral flow test. They locked down immediately in the first wave with residents confined to their rooms and no visitors. They managed to keep covid out until November but now have it in the home despite...
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    Record 52 vice

    The bar that fits in the half nut slot has an offset hole where the screw goes through to fasten it to the QR lever. It is easy to get this wrong, although it does look as if it's lining up correctly in your photo. The slot in the half nut doesn't look overly large to me. Nigel.
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    Record 52 vice

    If you click on the link that I posted above and scroll down the page, you will see an identical vice. The photo shows the QR tension spring of the half nut fitted around the shaft of the half nut. I would imagine that the spring has become weak with age. Nigel.
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    Record 52 vice

    That is an early one. Evolution of the Record 52 1/2 quick release vice | UKworkshop.co.uk Nigel.
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    Ridiculous things you believed as a child...

    We were told it was God moving his furniture. Nigel.
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    Ridiculous things you believed as a child...

    I collected some good Ceps and Parasol Mushrooms last Autumn. I'm sure my parents would have doubted their edibility, although we used to gather field mushrooms when I was a child. They won't all kill you, it's just knowing which ones won't. Nigel.
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    Humerous posts

    I'm right handed but stir my coffee anti-clockwise, and jam before cream on my scones please. Nigel.
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    Record No.52 1/2 B - Help Identifying

    I think that the screw design changed at some time in the 1960s. Nigel.
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    What is your favorite American TV show?

    The Simpsons and South Park. Nigel.
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    I filed the groves on my cheap clamps with success. They'll never be as good as a premium clamp though. Nigel.
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    Unexpected winter visitor

    We only have a small garden but we often have hedgehog droppings on the drive. A few years ago my daughter brought a hedgehog home that had been brought in to the vets where she worked as a veterinary nurse. It had a deformed rear leg, so I made a box for it and kept it in the garage over...
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    What are these called?

    That's what I usually do. Nigel.
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    New chisels!!

    I have one Stormont chisel bought in a job lot. It's rather well worn but holds its edge well. IIAC they are well regarded. Nigel.
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    Chisel sharpening - do we have a beginner guide?

    Bill Carter advocates a block at both ends of the box, so as the blade doesn't drop off I suppose. Miscellaneous (billcarterwoodworkingplanemaker.co.uk) Nigel.
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    Changing Times

    Father would have said that we'll make an even bigger mess of it. :LOL: Nigel.
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    Changing Times

    The S.W. up until the 1970s, when they threw Bournemouth and Christchurch into Dorset, started at the Dorset/Hampshire border in the East and included Devon, Cornwall, and Somerset, but Wiltshire and Gloucestershire are sometimes included. My three bedroom semi would sell for between £300,000...