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    3D printing, where? Any suggestions

    That's very kind of you. I have been tempted to buy A printer but to be honest I haven't had a need until now. I'm sure going forward that is likely to change. If I send you the files would you be prepared to have a look? I was beginning to think I'd have to make them in timber.
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    Marks in wood

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    Axminster price increasing

    I keep everything I might need in my Amazon basket. Prices go up and come down. A DVD or CD that costs 9.99 today could easily be 5.99 tomorrow. it depends on the competition. Having said that it has been a while since they were the cheapest option. I bought some Bessey clamps recently. Normally...
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    3D printing, where? Any suggestions

    I was quoted about £250 in Italy in nylon, £90 from Germany but £30 postage o top. Maybe it's time to get a printer.
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    Bandsaw Blades

    I have a basa1 too, with blades from Tuffsaws
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    Cut off/scrap fever

    Unless it is a live edge I can't throw anything away. Bits with bark or lots of knots get sawn up to start the fire.
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    Temperature & glue-ups

    I know there have been problems reported but I use cascamite instead of white or yellow PVA type glue.
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    Pointless object

    They have them on Yandles for about £25 at the moment. I read the reviews and decided against it.
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    Featherboards - Who favours what ?.

    The prices of some of them are a bit daft. Look at the bandsaw guide.
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    Axminster Customer Service

    I have had no end of customer service issues . From not getting replies to emails, being given poor answers, waiting a month for a faulty item to be collected and even longer for a refund. when they changed their mail order process I was amazed to see that despite paying in £ from a UK. Bank...
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    3D printing, where? Any suggestions

    It isn't a standard featherboard, it's a combination rip fence featherboard for a bandsaw. Buying the entire kit was cheaper than buying just the mag switches. https://www.mag-tools.eu/collections/woodworking-tools/products/magswitch-bandsaw-featherboard-diy-kit-8800946
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    3D printing, where? Any suggestions

    PETG looks OK but having never had anything printed before I simply don't know. I've posted an image of the fence, it is printed as 2 pieces. It's about 150mm high.
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    3D printing, where? Any suggestions

    I know less than nothing about 3D printing. I had a look through the types of material available and nylon seemed both durable and flexible. It was only a suggestion. Here is an image of the finished item. I have to admit I bought the kit because it was actualy cheaper than buying just the two...
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    3D printing, where? Any suggestions

    I could buy a printer for the prices I'm being quoted here in Italy.
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    Bandsaw Blades

    I cant agree more. And the final nail in the coffin for Axminster as far as I am concerned is when they started charging export customers more than Uk customers even though I was paying in sterling.
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    3D printing, where? Any suggestions

    I have two items I need printing, part of a featherboard, but have no idea if there are any small companies doing printing. Probably nylon type material. Any suggestions?
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    Bandsaw Blades

    I wish Ian was still sending abroad though!
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    Bandsaw Blades

    I I didn't make any comparison I just stated "Tuffsaws have a range, at least some are diamond ground."
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    Bandsaw Blades

    Maybe it wasn't deliberate but you did seem to be saying that a better quality ground blade from Axminster was cheaper than Tuffsaws basic blade. Like I said if you know something we don't let us know.
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    Bandsaw Blades

    From what I understand there are basically three types of blade. The first and cheapest is a single blade punched out with a die. May or may not be ground/sharpened. Next a stack of blades is milled together. Lastly, and usually best quality, a single blade is machined rather than stamped. I...