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  1. Bodone

    What's this spigot/pin thing?

    Hi All, is there a name for the metal spigot/bus guide and 'cup' on the attached picture? It's for a wool bobbin type thing. Could use a bearing and ground down screw thread, but this looks neater. Thank you h
  2. Bodone

    Laminate sheet - where to buy?

    Looking at building wheeled router table, couple of layers of MDF sort of thing, with glued on surface. Where’s best to source laminate sheet for table top? Not something I’ve done before so absolutely no idea with laminates and veneers. Thanks all
  3. Bodone

    Musclechuck for Rutland 1/2” Router?

    Hello all, anyone know which variant of musclechuck I’ll need to suit the Rutland 1/2” router (2020)? Table mounted and no knuckles left. Thanks all.
  4. Bodone

    Found Pillar drill - single phase

    Looking for Fobco Star, Meddings, British Iron etc. Single phase. Just south of Sheffield.
  5. Bodone

    I need more clamps

    I’m realising clamps are like bikes, I just need one more...
  6. Bodone

    Which lathe decision

    Looking at a starter lathe, simple stuff, pens, small bowls etc. budget up to £400 for the bench lathe and leaning towards the record dml305, the Axminster Ac305 or the rutland premium lathe. https://www.recordpower.co.uk/product/cast-iron-6-speed-midi-lathe-m33x35mm-thread-2mt-spindle...
  7. Bodone

    Advice please on workshop build options.

    Hi all, I’m looking to build a general garden workshop and need some ideas and advice as to what size I can go to and position, given the constraints of space and boundaries. Ideally I’d like to build something like this - My available space is sketched out here, where the rear of the above...
  8. Bodone

    Novice guide : What wood?

    Hello all, Background below, but basically is there a guide as to what wood should be used for what projects? I’m probably your classic midlife Novice. Apprentice mechanical engineer, through the ranks up to senior engineer in auto and aero. Not industries currently known for their use of...