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    Stainless screws or nails/pins for Western red Cedar slats?

    Hi all, got loads of slats to fix. Are screws piloted and stainless screws better or stainless pins ok? I've got 16 guage 38mm for 18mm slats. I guess splitting is an issue? 30mm in from ends. Thanks
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    Moisture Content Weather Red Cedar slats

    Hi all, Haven't used WRC before, loads of other timber, not this. I know it's very durable, good against moisture and outdoor environment. However, just wanted to know the ideal mositure content for cedar slats. 45mmx18mm and they're light as a feather, but the mositure content reader says...
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    What is this timber?

    Is this Iroko? Trying to match an existing porch fascia, I think it's Iroko. Thanks all
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    Best way to remove sap from knots on redwood timber?

    Hi all, newbie here after some advice. I'm a welder by trade and work with wood, so I know wood is a nightmare to work with. However, I just wanted some advice on some timber. I am making some outdoor seating for a client, it's redwood, planed and routered. I know any softwood outside isn't...