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    Removing Spray Adhesive From A Float Glass Lapping Plate

    You might try margarine - it's efficiency is obviously dependent on the specific glue type, however it is excellent at removing e.g. the residues left when you have removed double-sided tape from glass and a thin tough to rub off skin is left. It's also surprisingly good for heavy degreasing of...
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    Timber roof shingles

    Hi - I clad my workshop in shingles and used 190mm reveal on the verticals and it's been up around 8 years with no signs of rotting. Roof reveal will depend on your pitch, mine was at the lowest possible for the UK ~14 degrees so reveal was only 100mm but again seems to have stood the test of...
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    Forstner Bits

    Would 54mm be ok? I bought this cheap as chips set and found the quality to be good aside from the 10mm which was decidedly eccentric... http://www.screwfix.com/p/forstner-bits ... _container /Ed
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    Gold plating.

    Hi - you might try patinating fluid on it- I had a rim lock on a dark sapele door and as you say the fake gold looked awful. I used some Liberon antiquing fluid - the blue stuff, and it kinda worked, it was very patchy even though I had ensured all the clear lacquer was removed 1st. Will post a...
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    Looking for new diodes for my welder.

    Hi, as well as woodworking I do a fair bit of electronics work, and whilst that diode only looks available from American Microsemi you could easily replace it with an equivalent - a quick look at Digikey shows this one that looks suitable. http://www.digikey.co.uk/product-detail ... A-ND/78837...
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    Removing planer thicknesser marks quickly

    Lacking the space nor funds for a drum sander, I usually remove the ripples using a sharp cabinet scraper. Not the quickest of methods but it works for me :) /Ed
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    can anyone make?

    Yes! - you have a PM
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    Doctor Bob's Workshop Bash

    What a great day - to see such a huge array of machines each set up in a production line like way to machine up the various aspects of the cabinets was a revelation, and the quality of the finished products were outstanding. A fantastic time and great to meet like minded woodworkers, and for me...
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    Doctor Bob's Workshop open day 17th May

    I'd love to come :) Ed
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    Choosing TIG welder.

    With reference to the OP requirements - cars, exhausts and alloys i.e. an AC/DC TIG machine on a budget of £400 - I don't think you will have much luck. Cars and stuff like exhausts are inherently dirty- paint, rust, carbon deposits etc and with stick or MMA welding you will find you will be...
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    Car Booty

    Thanks for the info Bugbear- I had only seen cardboard boxes before so wasn't sure if perhaps it was an early model, as you say the blade holding screw suggests otherwise! I guess the fact the owner made a box for it and applied the labels to it is testament to someone who cared and looked...
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    Car Booty

    Found this gem yesterday - Wooden box too - I've only seen cardboard ones before. ..and inside looks all complete :) It looks almost brand new too Blades show little wear and all are quite sharp :) It's pristine! Given that I don't own a plough plane and will make good use of it I...
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    Those cut price SIP air filters

    As far as I can tell if, as per the other thread regarding these SIP filters being equivalent to the Microlene MC780 - Halo Jones comment https://www.ukworkshop.co.uk/forums/workshop-air-filter-t72222.html then...
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    Sedgwick MB bearing temperature

    Not wishing to hijack this thread... Hi Wallace - my bearing issues were with the spindle moulder I bought from you :shock: - the thrust nut got 'dinged' on the pallet and it made an awful racket up top when spun up and I thought ah need to grease it. Long story short I went overboard pumping...
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    Sedgwick MB bearing temperature

    Steve, my first guess would be that you have over-packed the bearings with grease, if you have the forces generated by the races moving it around will generate considerable heat. I did this with a large spindle moulder top bearing (120mm dia self aligning) and the temp rise was +40C in about 10...
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    workshop air filter

    Only 1 left now - I bought one after reading this thread this morning! As other have said, I know I needed one but haven't had the time to fabricate one, nor the appetite for paying big money for one Thanks Halo :) /Ed
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    Mitre T slot/track

    I think the link you wanted to post is this http://www.mlcswoodworking.com/shopsite_sc/store/html/smarthtml/pages/ttrack.html I am in the process of fabricating a sliding table and hold-downs for an old spindle molder (purchased from wallace on this site) that has a cast top with slots that are...
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    Ventilated Shed Door

    With regard hinges - why not use ones like these - http://www.screwfix.com/p/fire-door-hinge-grade-13-polished-stainless-steel-102-x-76mm-pack-of-3/22404 pack of 3 for less than the T-type and rated to carry 120kg /Ed
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    Sharpening a scraper

    I used to use a rod of silver steel I picked up in a scrap yard, but now use a burnisher fashioned out of an old car engine exhaust valve stem - these are incredibly hard and can only be cut using a grinder. Exhaust rather than inlet ones are best since they are treated to support much higher...
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    Is this oak?

    I agree with the previous replies- Iroko - you can see where you have planed the initial surface smooth it is darker towards the edges where the light/exposure has darkened it. I bet if you saw up into boards you will get bright orange/yellow shavings which would confirm this. Initially...