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    Olive wood required,,please

    Hi All, Not posted for a while due to work mainly.:oops: I need some void free nicely figured attractive olive wood. it can be wild, spanish, bethlehem etc. I'm looking for a length of 12" x 2" x2" or even 1.3/4"square would be enough. I can buy or I can trade in pen blanks. My collection...
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    neat idea

    I wonder if it'll go metric and find its way to the UK. :) http://www.redtape1.com/index.htm regards, beejay
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    handy calc

    Saw this on the WRW site and thought it might prove useful to members here. http://www.twistedknotwoodshop.com/software.htm Lots to see on the home page as well. regards beejay
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    small lathe for sale

    One of the guys at the club is selling his small lathe, a Nova Mercury. Its in good condition and he's looking for £100-120, negotiable. The lathe is perfect for pens and smaller work and features electronic variable speed. I think you can see full specs on the Tecnatool website...
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    What a finish.

    Do you think this guy uses CA/BLO to finish his pieces? :) http://www.virgiltreeart.com/Welcome/ta ... fault.aspx regards, beejay
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    Elm Burr Rollerball

    A month or so ago Neil Dyball kindly helped me out with some Elm burr. He wanted to see the pen it was required for. Apologies Neil, I forgot but here it is now. I didn't go with the most highly figured piece you sent, this one just seemed to suit the recipient best. Thanks for your...
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    Mega Jumbo Jaws for Stronghold Chuck - Update

    I tried to swap a set of these recently for a set for the Talon chuck. Well, the owner has now said they are for sale. They are a set of the Mega jumbo jaws for the Oneway Stronghold chuck. I think they will accommodate 14/15". He has only 4 buttons (8 are safer) so another set would need to...
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    Oneway Jaws

    An odd one I know but Ive got a set of Oneway Mega Jumbo Jaws that fit the Stronghold chuck. Unfortunately my chuck is the Talon so the jaws don't fit :cry: They are used but in good nick. Dont suppose anyone is looking for a swap? :roll: Just thought I'd ask. regards, beejay
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    Pen blanks, Elm Burr Please?

    I'm in urgent need of two blanks of Elm burr 18x18mm by 150mm. Theyre for a set of Jr, Gents as a gift and the blanks I thought I had,,, well, I haven't.:? I can buy, trade, whatever is required if someone out there is able to assist. regards, Bill
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    Jacobs chuck

    Hi all, Im trying to find a Jacobs chuck but with a screw thread instead of morse taper fit. The thread for my Hegner is 33x3.5 and it's to fit that. Anyone got one they want to sell or know of a source? regards, Bill
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    Easy peasy

    Just saw this on another site and thought you'd like to watch. Apologies if you've seen it before. Happy Christmas to you all. Regards, Bill http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VhR9ALVd0Js
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    Jig of the year

    A 'must have' for any workshop How many times could you have used one of these :wink: Regards, Bill http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pw3kpyd9 ... re=channel
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    test your eyes

    A little bit of fun. Found this on another forum. Regards, Bill :)
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    Sharpening Vid

    Might be of interest. regards,Bill
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    I know there's lots vids and tutorials around on inside out turning but this one makes me want to have a go. http://marleyturned.com/id126.htm His other vids are pretty good too. Hope you enjoy. I reckon it's between Tam or Chas to post the first one,,and No Pete a 2 foot tall rustic version...
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    trend or powercap or what?

    Im about to buy one of the above but don't know for sure which to go for. I saw a mix of Powercaps and Trends at the bash on Saturday and those are the two brands that I think it will come down to. Is there a comparison/review of the two current models anywhere? Ive googled without success...
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    Fitting stable door

    Im about to replace the workshop door with an outward opening stable door and would appreciate any pointers regarding: Best finish, (hardwood door) Rebate in bottom? Do I need one, Ive got a new frame and hardwood sill. Best type of lock (Ive looked at sash locks but they all have that curved...
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    Complete set up at bargain price

    Thought Id post this link to the above in case someone's looking. It started at £900 and is now down to £650,, seems a good price to me. http://www.awgb.org.uk/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=258 regards,beejay
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    For Sale - Sorby Metal Spinning kit

    My neighbour is still clearing out all his woodturning stuff and came across this a week ago. Its still in its original box (Large!) and appears to have all the bits including the 4 tools which look in mint condition. theirs also some pewter and brass discs and other things. Hers a link to a US...
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    For Sale - Robert Sorby RS2000 System

    Hi All, This belongs to a neighbour who's giving up turning. :cry: He's sold most of his kit but came across this at the bottom of a cupboard :shock: . Only used a few times by him and forgotten about. Its the full system as seen on the Sorby website and sold by Turners Retreat at £253. Hes...