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    Die Grinder with chuck instead collet

    Came across this two die grinders in bay. https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from ... +&_sacat=0 First one with collet, but other have keyed chuck. Is not it a dangerous use bits wit 28 000 rpm? Never got something like that.
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    Chinese plunge saw instead Makita 5008

    I have had makita 5008 a years and recently bought new one. But today i saw in rutlans plungesaw for 100 pounds and extra accessories for petty cash. I hesitate, what to do. Whether to sell the makita and change it for a Chinese dipping circular saw Any advice is welcom. What is your opinion.
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    Question on router Trend T5

    Question to anybody here who know what is the difference between Trend t5 model variations EB - Ek - MK2, all 230V. They are at various prices as EB is in promo with combination base total 199 quid. Thanks
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    Pointless but expensive jigger

    Stumbled upon http://www.axminster.co.uk/bridge-city- ... ter-103475 . Sorry, 300 quid is unduly IMO.
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    :duno: Anyone know what's going on with powertoolworld.co.uk? I can not open their website .
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    Router Hitachi M12VE vs Makita 3612

    Hi All, My chinese router (first router) passed to happy hunter around. #-o Looking opinion about these two models. I'm home improvements and they will be installed on the table. My budget ceiling is 150 quid. I've seen new Hitachi in some online stores, as well used Makita "as new" to...