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    Cheers everyone
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    Hi I am thinking about buying a welder for my diy what is a decent machine to buy .I see Clarke r doing a 90 amp on machine mart for 150 quid any good info app
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    Curious question

    Cheers folks thanks for the info can return the favour of your decorating
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    Curious question

    I have built a joined bench in my garage 2.7 by1.7 is there a specific height the underbelly should be mines is 9inch from ground seems to be a lot of wasteunderneath
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    Where can i get the bk bits for a rededa mark 2 vice quick release

    Whereof what can I do with my vice I have stripped it bk to bare but need the bits for the quick release all I have is the handle .I do have flat bar to make plate but no spring or bolt
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    Rededa mark2 reg no 717731

    I have this vice but the quick release isn't there only handle does anyone know what spring or bolt to repair or buy .I have made the metal bar for it