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    3D printing, where? Any suggestions

    I have two items I need printing, part of a featherboard, but have no idea if there are any small companies doing printing. Probably nylon type material. Any suggestions?
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    Crowned bandsaw tyres

    Does anyone know of a UK or European source of crowned bandsaw tyres? Easy enough to get from the US but postage and taxes make them quite expensive.
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    Very old bandsaw

    I have no experience of resawing and have only owned a very small bandsaw in the past. I now have quite a lot of broadleaf woodland and find myself wishing I could do a bit of re-sawing. I cannot under any circumstances afford a nice new saw and here in Italy, I'd be looking at 2K for anything...
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    Maclura, Osage orange

    Has anyone seen Osage orange for sale in the UK or europe? I believe it is used in bowmaking. I'm looking for a piece or pieces approximately 40cm x 4cm x 4cm .
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    Not sure what to do with this burl

    I found this a few days ago whilst cutting firewood, it’s black poplar. What might I do with it? How do I ensure it doesn’t degrade?
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    Multico PM16

    I would like to find a PM16, there don’t seem to be many offered for sale. If I find one what would be a fair price?