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    Finish for kitchen knife handle

    Hi, sorry if this ones been covered before but does anyone have any recommendations for a finish for a kitchen knife handle? I've replaced the handle on my sisters favourite knife with yew and so far have given it a few coats of danish oil but was wondering about melamine laquer but I'd be...
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    Truly transcendent

    A friend of mine just posted this in a group discussion. I am always fascinated by people whose greatness was not recognised in their lifetime. Shames most of us in our age of conspicuous consumption...
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    Myford ML8 Compound Slide / Saddle configuration

    Hi, I've managed to get hold of a compound slide for my Myford ML8. As per piccs attached. I think it is nearly complete and I have a spare saddle assembly however I am missing a crucial component. I believe that all I need is a slim / low profile clamp head nut into which the clamp stud from...
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    Mystery Tool

    [/img] Hi, not sure if I should post this is metal working section but does anybody recognise this tool that I got in a bucket of rusty oddments? I've presumed it is a user made tool possibly to hold a file or chisel blade? It could be used to hold a file to trim saw teeth or a file a scraper...
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    Help! Record Maxi owners...

    Hi, I'm hoping someone on the forum with a Record Maxi 1 (or possibly 2) can help me out. I've managed to disable my lathe by stumbling and yanking on the cable to the switch box, this has pulled a wire away from the switch terminals inside and I can't work out where it goes. It is the only blue...
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    Administer CT330 thicknesses blades

    I've just started overhauling my machinery for a planned project. First up was the Axi ct330 which has given great service over ten years. Having just turned my last set of blades I looked on the Axminster website and was somewhat horrified to find a pair if disposable blades were £52.43 almost...
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    multistar Centres?

    Hi all, I'm trying to find a Multistar Super 32 live centre, ideally MT2. Can't find any suppliers online right now. If anyone knows a possible supplier or source I'd be very grateful.
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    Axminster TS-250 upgrading base and dust extraction.

    Hi, I've had my TS-250 for around 9 months and have found it a good machine however seriously let down by the dust extraction. Also it has a large footprint for its size) and is a pain in the proverbial to move. So I'm thinking a plywood base incorporating castors and a dust box and hood. Also...
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    Trend airshield pro spares or replacement

    Hi, I have a four year old Trend Airshield Pro. Somehow some moisture got in and the tiny bushes on the motor unit fused and corroded. I've had a look around and the replacement motor is £90-110 which seems very expensive. Does anybody have any ideas where I could source cheaper. Or a damaged...
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    Cutting pine slivers using tablesaw?

    Has anyone any experience cutting tapered pine slivers to plug the gaps in floorboards. I had a go yesterday - with some success - the first batch are in place but it was a fiddly job with quite a bit of variation in the slivers. My blade tilts left and the fence is on the right. So my options...
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    Where can I get a big piece of walnut?

    A selection of walnut bowls, designed for use so finished with foodsafe oil. I have four more of these to make. I'd really like a good sized salad bowl or two, so if anyone knows where I can source a 13-14" x 5-6" piece of walnut a reasonable cost I'd be very grateful
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    Lamp project

    Decided to start posting some pics of my efforts, now that I have got a bit of confidence and learned how to... Finished this today, I don't know what the timber is but think it might be a maple (any thoughts?). I planed the piece, then bored it and turned a taper before wedging it in the Cole...
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    New extractor port

    Hi I've got a problem. Having lent out my old (reserve) Axminster drum extractor it came back with the port smashed, I've tried looking for a replacement, Axminster can't supply and I can't see anything online to fit the bill. Looks like I'm going to have to make one, it's for a 63mm hose, has...
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    Shelving alcoves - narrower at front?

    Hi just a quick one to see if anyone has experience of my current problem. I'm shelving two alcoves and planned torsion boxes made from 9mm ply to fit each. The ones on the left fit fine unfortunately I have now noticed that the right hand alcove is narrower at the front (by about 25mm) than...
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    Yew Bonanza

    Like a lot of folk I don't get enough time to work with wood so today was the perfect storm, a day off work, the wife away and I have 'permission' to visit the sawmill as long as I bring back something to make the bench I've been promising. After picking out an ash board I asked if they had any...
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    Advice - wormy applewood

    I have been given some apple logs for Xmas, some good girth (15-16") and figuring but clear evidence (holes and tunnels) of worm/beetle damage to the outside inch or so, the trees were blown over around a month or two ago but have clearly been unwell for a while - what to do? Should I: A: Wet...
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    Woodcut BowlSaver - Limitation?

    Hi, I am wondering if anyone has experience of using the woodcut bowlsaver? I have recently bought it and set it up carefully, it works well however one limitation is troubling me, I don't seem to be able to save larger diameter bowls 250-300mm from relatively thin blanks of around 80mm...
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    Advice - 3 or 4 Jaw Engineering Chuck for wood lathe?

    Hi, wondering if anyone can help me. I don't know much about metal/engineering lathes but was hoping to find a traditional 3 or 4 jaw chuck to fit my Maxi 1 Spindle - 1 1/4" 8tpi. Don't seem to be able to locate such a thing on ebay, google etc. Could anyone give me any advice about how I...
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    Split chucking recess

    I've found some posts about the benefits of spigots over tenons but have been using tenons on larger bowls for now. Despite getting the hang of this gradually, I underestimated the strength and integrity of a piece of ash, a 12" x 4" bowl, and the chucking recess split midway through hollowing...