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  1. benitod

    What woodworking did you do today?

    Did you notice the yellow one in the second drawer? Is that a handle or a puller?
  2. benitod

    What woodworking did you do today?

    A 3D headboard for a twin bed. WIP
  3. benitod

    Column shapes

    Hi. Search for Osborne wood products. They have a very interesting catalog.
  4. benitod

    Slot mortiser / poor man’s Festool domino

    Hi, jb94. Welcome to the forum Nice and simple contraption. Your accuracy could be improved by using some linear bearings bars to reduce the play.
  5. benitod

    Loose MDF door hinges and screws

    I use hardwood dowels
  6. benitod

    What are your woodworking goals for 2024?

    I recently moved to the USA. I hope to have a workshop where to put some basic tools for woodworking that I have bought.
  7. benitod

    What do you do with all those scraps of timber?

    These are small projects made out of plywood leftovers. The one on the left is a finished stand for the mobile phone with a portrait of my smaller granddaughter. The other two are unfinished WIPs.
  8. benitod

    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    Is that your crappy construction? I want to see your good one.
  9. benitod

    What woodworking did you do today?

    Going on with a new side table. Edgebanding plywood for two drawer fronts.
  10. benitod

    Router Table Specs

    Why not make yours? Keeping in mind your needs you can do that. There are tons of videos on YouTube about this topic.
  11. benitod

    Simple milling using a pillar drill - is it possible?

    Hi Dan With a sled router, you can do just any milling job. I made my first version with some linear bearings to make several raised panels for cabinets. My second version has a Z-axis for three-dimensional milling on my cutting boards.
  12. benitod

    Buying tools from china

    That's right. As I know Alibaba is not a retailer. They always state a MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) but so many small companies can sell anything to you. I used Taobao for my purchases.
  13. benitod

    Just another box, but it’s my first one.

    No criticism
  14. benitod

    Buying tools from china

    I lived in China for some time. I bought woodworking machines that fit my hobbyist needs but were inadequate for serious jobs. All of them were 220AC which is the standard power there. Once in my country, I hired a technician to wire my workshop to 220AC. The machines worked well until I needed...
  15. benitod

    Trim Router

    I have used the PRV20EVS from Bosh, aka Colt Palm Router, for many years. It is a nice tool.
  16. benitod


    Are they twins? Nice work.
  17. benitod

    Coffee & Side Tables - work in progress

    Superb job. Very nice tables
  18. benitod

    What do you do with all those scraps of timber?

    Last year I made several cutting boards using a lot of unused pieces of wood that I had in my garage. They were my Christmas gifts.
  19. benitod

    Round metal bands for clocks

    Maybe a kid bike wheel can fit your project. There are many sizes included in the range that you are looking for.