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  1. TEP

    sorby/Tormek jigs vs wolverine/storme etc?

    I sharpened all my tools freehand until the time a few years back when there was a great show about the so called 'Ellsworth, Celtic, Irish' grinds that everyone was advocating at the time. I tried to emulate the shape freehand but did find the edge wanting, and defy anyone to get a consistent...
  2. TEP

    sorby/Tormek jigs vs wolverine/storme etc?

    Just my take on the sharpening topic. As already said NO jig will sharpen your tools without a good bit of operator experience. ONE you need to know what profile you are aiming for. TWO, the biggest problem with newbie's to a jig is grinding on a complete sweep, you need to remove certain areas...
  3. TEP


    I find this site can be very helpful.
  4. TEP

    Bench grinder woes

    +1 for this post! I have 2 Machine Mart grinders which I have had for close to 20 years for one. Would still be using them if I had not had the opportunity to buy a 8" Record which I use now. All have had the wheels replaced with after market white stones, and have never let me down. IF you can...
  5. TEP

    Bench grinders

    IMO 8", simply because they last so much longer. :wink:
  6. TEP

    Light Pulls

    Use a old 1/4" morse taper drill that fits your lathe. Grind off the drill part and use the round steel left as the drive, Just grind a 45deg. screwwdriver point on the tip. Cost me nowt as the drill was knackered, and is the only drive I have used other than the 'Wilkie' drive. Didn't like it...
  7. TEP

    Two Questions - Drilling Hss & Lathe Lubrication.

    Small grinding stone if you have one of these mini-tools, best way IME for the odd hole, keeps the temper in all the blade. (Although mine is made from a full length machine 1 1/4" hacksaw blade. I don't use any handle on it. Just use the blades as is) Or carbide drills or burrs if doing a...
  8. TEP

    Compressed air wall outlet

    My answer to the same problem was to fix a angled bock of wood to the wall, with a piece of rubber hose coming through the wall. The hose fitted with a QR fixing was clamped to the block using screw on pipe clamps. I was going to weld up something using steel gas pipe fittings but the block...
  9. TEP

    Wolverine jig addition?

    Don't mind being 'devil's advocate'. If you need a bevel that steep, say 80deg. I would definitely used the table, not the arm. The fact is I use a home made copy of said jig, and ONLY use the arm for long grind spindle and bowl gouges, all other tools are done on the table. Also I would be...
  10. TEP

    Speed Genie

    Mornin' In my experience 'Speed Genie' generally use Teco Minicon inverters. I used them myself to add speed control to both my lathes. Don't know if it is possible to wire another set of controls into the same connectors that are already there, would need a 'sparky's' advice on this. My...
  11. TEP

    Ring boxes

    Mornin' Turners Retreat flock page
  12. TEP

    wolverine /record setup

    IMO the main thing needed for turning tool fingernail profile sharpening is as few variables as possible. I made my own, modified and in steel using this plan, have helped set up a Wolverine to the same measurements and the guy is still happily using it. His is set up on a 6" grinder. I also...
  13. TEP

    Novice with lathe problems

    Looking back at you original post, if the spindle turns OK without the belt, and the motor turns by hand OK without the belt, then I still say it is the capacitor. Single phase motors need a real kick to start them off, and in the correct rotation. In fact the starting current load can be almost...
  14. TEP

    Novice with lathe problems

    I would go with jurriaan, sounds just like a capacitor failure. A new capacitor should cost no more than a tenner, and easy to fit yourself. Just take off the small cover on the side of your motor. Machine Mart can sell you one, or look around online once you get the spec.
  15. TEP

    CARBA-TEC lathe HM-IA Spares/information

    I own one of the early Carbatec Mini Lathes, the one with the gap bed. The later ones don't have the gap bed. I don't know which one you have. 1/ The early gap bed one had the motor mounted in a self made box/lathe stand beneath the lathe. Therefore you either constructed the box to fit your...
  16. TEP

    BALLS! and how do you hold yours?

    Another way that just came to me is if the 'balls' are small ones you can use a piece of steel pipe just smaller than the ball dia. Rough turn the ball, then push the pipe against the ball moving it in a circular motion, this acts as a scraper to remove any raised bits and turns a perfect...
  17. TEP

    BALLS! and how do you hold yours?

    I don't normally post much these days, but thought I may be able to help on this topic. The above posts are how many of us turn balls, myself included. I don't use a template. To turn a 4" ball I would turn between centres to 4" dia, mark a pencil line in the centre, then turn down each side of...
  18. TEP

    Chainsaw Turning

    And another! More bottle than I have! :? :?
  19. TEP

    Fostner bits

    As with any sets of tools there are always some you use a lot more than others. My method with any tool set is to buy cheap, then as I find which ones I use the most I then replace those with better quality tools
  20. TEP

    Big Brother Bother

    The Big Brother fitted with the Little Brother cutter is the only specialised hollowing tool I use, all others are home made. There are probably folks far more expert at the tool than I, but what I do is, always sharpen the outside of the cutter by honing. If you put it on a grinder it won't...