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  1. Simon Britton

    Dust extractor NVR switch

    I bypassed the NVR on my dust extractor so it is always on when switched on and initially had it plugged in to a smart plug socket that I intended to activate by telling "Alexa, will you start the fans puleeeeeze" however while the Alexa end worked it turns out the little smart socket couldn't...
  2. Simon Britton

    The joys of electric car ownership!

    I have a feeling the horse and buggy drivers and horse riders of old once scoffed at the wealthy ICE drivers for the first 30-40 years if not more and laughed at how few places there were to get go-goberry juice/petrol, how expensive it was to keep them running, etc etc. :) We have certainly...
  3. Simon Britton

    Woss Dis Den?

    I forgot to have one removed from a paid for bottle of Glenmorangie once, It did not trigger the alarms at Sainsburys either and took quite a bit of effort to cut it off. Found inside most spirits boxes on the bottles in the supermarket.