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    Hello from Scotland [and perhaps soon to be Australia !]

    I would really like to do that but I have a job in Fife.....
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    Hello from Scotland [and perhaps soon to be Australia !]

    Sorry, no bobbin sander..... The first, local move [hopefully to Glenrothes] isn't going well: I have been out bid on two houses and wasn't fast enough to even get a bid in on two others.......and time is running out because I have sold my house and only have 7 weeks left in it.
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    Sweet Chestnut / Plane /Elm cabinet

    Yes indeed are some of the others. Well spotted!
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    Hello from Scotland [and perhaps soon to be Australia !]

    Trouble is I'm struggling to pass number 1.......:)
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    A Record compass plane.......I only used it for one job, then sold it 'cos I was broke. It was immaculate. I wished I'd kept it just for the sake of having it but really it was almost literally useless! I know where there is a rusty beat up one for £125.....but I'm not tempted by that.
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    Elm / Apple wall cabinet

    They were very different smell wise when working them.
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    Another elm cabinet

    It seems I had a lot of elm years ago! This one used to house trophies but as you can see, it now has CDs. For these I made an oak liner 'bookcase'. Drawer handle is ebony.
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    Elm / Apple wall cabinet

    Carcase is elm, doors are apple which I cut down myself from a neighbour's garden [they did ask me to!!] It houses CDs
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    Ash table

    Another old one, needing a refinish....which I'll hold of doing until the move has happened. Burr ash veneer, box inlays, wenge 'rods'. French polished.
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    Elm / Birch wall cabinet

    I made two of these. The best one, with dovetailed main carcass, went as a wedding present. This one has biscuit joints, which is a bit of a cop out!
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    Sweet Chestnut / Plane /Elm cabinet

    I made this whilst at college too many years ago......mostly hand cut. It originally house the hi fi system , with the drawers sized for cassette tapes and CD's. Now it house vinyl and I need to make a new hi fi cabinet.... Cabinet is sweet chestnut, external frame is plane lace wood, doors...
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    Garage change of use - any pointers?

    I don't know the answer to the above but it is what I'm going to do with my new garage when I move house. I'm considering a roller garage door to cover the wall/window/door. This will improve security and visually nothing will change. I'm in Scotland so the BR might be different anyway. I'd...
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    What kind of woodworker are you?

    Cabinetmaker. I only do furniture. (Well, and DIY around the house of course....)
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    Tail Vise why dovetails?

    I have a cover-over bench top for grotty work made from MDF. I renew it from time to time, and the serious cabinet bench top remains pristine for when it is needed. That is a superb bench !^^^^^
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    Hello from Scotland [and perhaps soon to be Australia !]

    My next trip will be, I hope, fly into Perth and train across to Geelong [niece] then on to Sydney [the good woman], then on to Tas for caving. I need to move house in Scotland first though :( The house moving stress is just starting to niggle......I have a lot of 'stuff' and I'm dreading...
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    Hello from Scotland [and perhaps soon to be Australia !]

    ^^^yes, I'm planning on taking my hand tools out with me. I have some very nice Marples/Sorby boxwood chisels that I'd never part with, as well as the usual range of planes and other goodies :) Location wise I'm still negotiating with the good lady. She is in Sydney which is impossible for...
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    Hello from Scotland [and perhaps soon to be Australia !]

    I've just discovered this site after searching for ways to sell my machines. I suspect I'll be doing more than that though: seems like a cool place to be. So....I'm a keen cabinet maker and have been for many years. I have my own small workshop and usually use traditional hand cut...