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    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    Coffee table in Myrtle and Black walnut
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    LS1219L Mitre Saw Alignment Issue

    Re the 10” saw. The degree ring is too soft and so the locking pin pippers it up. My Mkiya repair depot in Calgary will sell a new ring but the same thing happens soon Like the saw but that ring is pants Bought a Kapex.
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    Cutting Aluminium sheet with track saw

    re cutting backwards We use a lot of aluminum soffit and use a jig with a Freud blade designed for metal and drag the saw backwards . Works great . We are also using steel horizontal siding and cut that backwards as well. Much cleaner cut .
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    Chopping boards

    I have torn up miles of oak flooring and I usually keep the good stuff if it is fairly clean and not too full of nails , or staples these days Thickness plane the front and back ifff and glue them together with titebond 2, in my case, and then thickness plane that. Don’t both even cutting...
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    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    For my grandson on his second birthday
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    How To Deal With Split Blanks?

    I’ll use stretch wrap like thre stuff they use for tying up bunches of miscellany It’s about 4” wide , no residue. Super strong and way cheaper than duct tape, not sure if that’s the same as Duck tape
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    Cutting corian

    It’s dusty so prepare for that, and it stinks.
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    Good reason to leave your table saw guard on

    i agree with John Brown . if someone wants to make a guard and it works then he should be commended. 45 years in to the carpentry life and i dont use a guard or a splitter, and i use one push plate(not a stick) and if im using suspect lumber then i will clamp a shorter rip fence to the...
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    Winter Challenge Results

    Got home from work, and then got the ice ready the curling rink for tonights draws, and come home to find out i had won. Im not sure what to say, the thankyous have all been said, and its obvious that this challenge is dying, 2 entrants from the colonies and Charles was good enough to throw one...
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    Winter 16 Challenge. Please post your entries here.

    Icicle type thing in holly, pernambuco and balck walnut. I glued up the main body last week and started turning it mounted in cole jaws with pressure plate to keep it there, cut a rebate for dovetail jaws and then reversed it and completed that part. Glued up the top and bottom cap and mounted...
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    Autumn 16 Challenge results

    congrats Derek ,and all who entered. good to see some more entries this time. thx to Graham and Paul as well. lets get a few more for the next one. thx
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    Applying features with router and indexer.

    just happened on this, lovely work. this winter hope to get my die grinder going on something like these great examples. not sure ill be showing them for a while though. im not getting bored, thx for the great pics,once again great work, i prefer 3 also for finishing, i prefer lacquer, light...
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    Decorated Elm Bowl

    really like that
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    Autumn Challenge.Place ONLY your entries here. (no comments)

    a bowl for potpourri in butternut and rosewood. started this morning and here it is. 8" by 6" high,bottom turned on a screw and then remounted on the chuck and hollowed . lid turned with the bottom mounted on the screw,then turned, then drilled the vent holes and the hole for the finial. took...
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    Am i cutting it fine

    started mine 3 hours ago. just too much other paying work to be done.
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    Competition piece not here

    I like it , great rescue as well. I am going to do some rescuing this winter when it slows down a bit. A fellow always has an oops or three that cant be thrown out, or is that just me?
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    The Future of the Woodturning Challenge

    thx for that , graham,and as the only person to enter every challenge, im not quitting now.maybe for the next year, if it goes, its a show and tell, developed around a theme. this might encourage beginners to dabble. then perhaps it would only by voted on by the entrants, or it could be peoples...
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    Summer 16 Challenge Results

    CONGRATS BUBBA, many thanks to Graham and Richard. I sure would like for this to continue,but it cant continue without support. Thx again. dk
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    Summer 16 Challenge Entries Here Please.

    A platter in Huon pine(a freind gave a board when in Oz this past spring) and black walnut. I had a short board of BW and so cut it into 4 pieces and then glued them together alternating grain by 90 each time , as I did with the little winter challenge vase. I find this adds interest even with...
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    Marmite Vase

    I like it,hope thats not the kiss of death .