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    How did they thickness the boards before the advent of machines

    I think that a couple of hundred years ago the available boards could be a lot wider, so projects would be planned around what was an easy thickness to achieve, or what could be bought in from a mill. I think though it’s as suggested - plane up a face side on each board and then see what the...
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    Sedgwick P/T

    funnily enough I was looking at that one today as it’s just down the road from me… too big for my tiddly workshop unfortunately. Looks like a good price to me, looks like it’s single phase as well.
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    Edge joining long boards

    Personally I face and edge both pieces, join them then dimension to final size. I don’t use biscuits (haven’t got a biscuit jointer so don’t know what I’m missing!). I haven’t got much science behind it other than I find having the two pieces square makes it easier to get good alignment and so...
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    labelling wood in your ‘store’

    I’ve used sharpie on ash, oak and Walnut with no issues, it planed off with one pass on rough sawn
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    Bandsaw Recommendation for Wood Ripping

    That’s a good point actually that I hadn’t considered. Mine sits on top of a metal cabinet (around 400*400) then on some wheels. My workshop is only 8’ by 10’, so I usually put 4’ max through it with no issues. I think I have ripped a 6’ length before but it would have been better with an out...
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    Bandsaw Recommendation for Wood Ripping

    I've an old Axminster 250 model which is similar to the sabre 250 (not quite as powerful, but similar). It will resaw 120mm euro oak without issue. A bigger saw would do it more quickly, but it gets it done. It also saws parallel to the fence with no issue - though the edge does need cleaning...
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    FTAGH Spares / repairs - record 52.5 vice

    PM sent @Jameshow
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    FTAGH Spares / repairs - record 52.5 vice

    @Devmeister - waiting to hear back from Jameshow as he bit first.... but if you're in the USA, that's going to be very costly to ship it to the UK I reckon having done a quick google...
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    FTAGH Spares / repairs - record 52.5 vice

    More than happy for you to take it for a mens shed @Jameshow - good idea that I should have thought of and a good project for someone I should think. Unfortunately I can’t do tomorrow due to various kids activities, but we can sort out another day I’m sure?
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    FTAGH Spares / repairs - record 52.5 vice

    Don’t worry Andy, it will get a stay of execution… I was being a bit glib saying I’d weigh it in. If a member here doesn’t want it I’ll stick it on marketplace locally… I just wanted to give someone here first dibs. Worst case it will end up sat next to the rest of the ‘useful someday’ pile…...
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    FTAGH Spares / repairs - record 52.5 vice

    Thanks both, all good info. The spring I knew about but didn’t describe very well. I didn’t realise it was as early as that though makes sense since I reckon it’s sat in a shed for a fair old while. Doesn’t affect my decision though as the one I’ve got is earlier and was a bit more loved!
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    FTAGH Spares / repairs - record 52.5 vice

    I got this when my brother in law cleared out his grandad’s shed and it arrived already in bits! Late model 52.5. I think it’s ‘only’ missing the split pin and screw that secures the slide bar, and the quick release spring/ nut (the one that goes inside the spring). On top of that the guide...
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    Spray kit recommendations ( walls and cabinets )

    It does get through the paint quick, though hard for me to be scientific about that as I used up a fair bit having a play with the settings. I wouldn’t even think about using it on walls or ceilings - I should have mentioned that I needed to thin the eggshell to spray (a bigger needle may sort...
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    Spray kit recommendations ( walls and cabinets )

    I’ve recently got the semi-pro 2 with the suction cup. I’ve used it a couple of times so far for water based eggshell and it’s a great bit of kit. Feels ‘quality’ and very little overspray. I haven’t tried spraying lacquer or anything yet so can’t comment on that sorry.
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    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    Shadow box for my daughter’s craft project (no butterfly’s were harmed in keeping her quiet for an hour). A chance to use up some bendy beech I had squirrelled away and more importantly try out my new Fuji hvlp, which in my complete novice opinion is brilliant!
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    Best bandsaw upgrades

    I’ve got the same bandsaw and can resaw up to full depth, with a tuffsaw 3/8 4tpi blade. Have to go slow with oak but it does it well. I haven’t had to do anything else other than make sure it’s set up well
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    Diamond or oilstone/wetstone for sharpening hand planes etc and what grade.

    Honestly it's never occurred to me.... but I suspect a career in IT has left me with hands far too soft!
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    Removing chip extractor guard/grating?

    My axi had a plastic guard which I removed. I’ve not had any issues with it. I’ve accidentally sucked up the odd bit of wood (still small though, maybe coin sized) which has hit the impeller (you hear it hit) but so far so good. That being said, it was a fairly cheap one so I was happy to...
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    Diamond or oilstone/wetstone for sharpening hand planes etc and what grade.

    It may be worth trying a strop before you buy any more stones - I use a bit of leather and some polishing compound straight after a medium oil stone, and it makes an amazing difference to sharpness. So cheap it’s worth trying before buying anything else
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    Advice for new carer

    Sorry to hear you've got such a difficult situation. I can't help directly as although my mum has the same circumstance with my Grandma, they live in Wales where they have different rules etc. One thing was that she found AgeUK to be very helpful, they have a help line you can ring.