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  1. J-G

    Workbench Build

    I could have been more specific. The size that a Jobber Twist drill actually cuts is dependant upon many factors. Even though you used a 'new' drill and you ought to expect it to cut to size, they are not precision ground and the tip will not necessarily be dead centre. I also assume that you...
  2. J-G

    Workbench Build

    ?? - if you want holes 'to size' drill smaller and finish with a Reamer - - - Simples!
  3. J-G

    Vevor tools

    Not a 'Bad' Phil - - - it's down to nomenclature. (Again, I've said this before) the term 'Quench' can (is?) often mis-interpreted. In a hardening shop 'quenching' will be done in oil, water, sand etc. depending upon the material being worked. When in a machine shop, and preparing...
  4. J-G

    Looking for brass or bronze carriage bolts & nuts...

    5mm is 0.006" larger than a #10 so shouldn't cause much of a problem. 0.8mm pitch (the M5 standard) is 31.75 tpi and #10UNF would be 32 tpi so again M5 seems as good a fit as is likely to be. If purchased as a 'nut & bolt' there wouldn't be any problem with fit either. If the bolts are wanted...
  5. J-G

    Vevor tools

    I've said this before Phil - - - HSS should always be quenched - - - BUT it should never be allowed to take on even a light-straw colour due to heat. Your assertion seems to me to be an oxymoron - certainly a contradiction - "never quench - I do" ??
  6. J-G

    F22s again...

    Hmmmm. . . I had an F22 error code a little while back and after two 'Professional' plumbers advised that I simply needed to replace the boiler, or at least have an expensive re-furb but failed to provide a firm quote after 3 prompts siteing lack of response by 'wholesaler'; I found a proper...
  7. J-G

    Double fail for Amazon

    That's a moot point - and certainly why it took many 're-writes' before the 1297 version came into effect - and has ultimately been mostly abandoned. Regrettably my historical knowledge - particularly in the political/legal arena - is sadly lacking, but there is little doubt that Magna...
  8. J-G

    Double fail for Amazon

    @artie - Correcting you In case you don't understand that 'Magda' is incorrect - - - it is MagNa Carta. Originally written in 1215 but subsequently re-written a number of times, and primarily limiting the power of the monarch. None of the original clauses are currently in force and only 3 of...
  9. J-G

    Furniture makers, how do you get your customers?

    I wrote my own accounting software - upgrades as necessary due to government edict are simple to incorporate. The free VAT Bridging software that connects my accounts to the VAT Man is a doddle to link to.
  10. J-G

    Furniture makers, how do you get your customers?

    That is correct. I registered when VAT was introduced - I had been registered for Purchase Tax previously though. There are advantages if your customer base are also registered. I'm still registered 51 years later and most quarters I now get a refund since I'm semi-retired so my turnover is...
  11. J-G

    Hubris? Or an experiment gone wrong.

    Surely an oxymoron!
  12. J-G


    Only 2 of those groups had any knowledge of life outside the EU - and even they were too young to have any real knowledge of what it was really like - the oldest (55) being only 8 when we went in. It would be interesting (to me) to see figures for those who were in the older age bands. I...
  13. J-G

    Any comedy cartoon makers on here?

    I've provided a '2½lb Lump Hammer' on 2 or 3 occasions when the University of Warwick Chorus has sung the Anvil Chorus. The Percussion section had sourced an Anvil but only had a 6oz Ball Pein Hammer! Never done Das Rheingold - can't abide Wagner!
  14. J-G


    It's all about 'efficiency'. Nature finds the best (most efficient) means of doing any job. In the case of (say) a sunflower head, the way that the seeds are arranged (following the Fibonacci series) packs the maximum number into the available space. The 'Golden Ratio' is just a human...
  15. J-G

    Grinding Brass and Steel

    Why would you ever want to grind Brass?
  16. J-G

    Threading tap - square conversion to 1/4 or 3/8 drive

    He has no idea what he wants! - Except that he wants to be able to drive taps to make threaded holes. Therefore he needs a 'Tap Wrench'. Which style is still up for debate of course. There could be many factors of which we are not aware that will determine precisely which style he needs. That...
  17. J-G

    Threading tap - square conversion to 1/4 or 3/8 drive

    The correct term would be Tap WRENCH. They come in a few 'flavours', those for small taps (BA sizes and sub 1/8"/4mm) are usually 'chuck' type but above that they are generally two bars with a central section with 90° Vee clamps. There are also two parallel bars with a Vee cut into the...
  18. J-G

    Nova Nebula language barrier

    Google translate coulld be your friend.
  19. J-G

    The bucket list

    A very interesting read, you have a great way with words @Kittyhawk - as well as with your hands of course - as we've seen from your model aircraft. I'm now 82 and have never had a 'Bucket List' - - - Yes, naturally I have things I want to do but they change with whatever my current interest...
  20. J-G

    Wadkin RS banjo dimensions

    ?? Have you ever looked at the shape of a Banjo? (the musical instrument?)