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    Multitool advice I went for a Milwaukee m12as it is good and more compact than the 18v tool. It has been great. I’m mostly have Makita m18 but don’t like their multi tool.
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    ****ing boiler system...

    Does not look 2 years old to me. Get the water pressure tested and I'd change this valve to a new one. If you have a fill loop pressure gauge you should be able to get an idea from that but keep the valve to the heating closed
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    Digital Calipers

    Totally - I use Mitutoyo also. I tried cheaper digitial ones but the difference is light and day
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    WoodRat wanted

    they pop up on ebay
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    Makita RT0702C trim router collet size confusion

    Great little router , can handle surprisingly heavy load
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    Makita RT0702C trim router collet size confusion

    I have the battery version that came with 1/4 and a 8mm ring. Mostly use 1/4 bit as I have them and have a few 8mm when larger shank is useful eg bigger cutter or spiral cutters
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    Portable MFT and track saw or Mitre saw and workmate for fitting/making utility room

    Another vote for Bora Centipede 4x2, and MFT top. Easy to store and easy to setup. I have a benchdog hinge and square but for me I think parallel guides would have been more useful than the hinge. I 3printed the bits for parallel guides based on steel runners and they are good enough.
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    MK2 Rail square Benchdogs

    I looked at the upgrade offer £20 and then looked at my square and considered upgrading. I think the clasp will be better but decided the cams are okay for me. May be a bit slower
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    1/2 inch router choice

    I bought a new one off ebay, setup a search and a new one popped up fairly quickly after the bearings in my old one needed replacing. Replacing the bearings is on my list of things to do.
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    Free CAD Software

    Solid edge community is good, designspark not bad. Both free. I use alibre atom which I bought as I found it faster.
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    Which Router?

    I have a dewalt 625,a trend 1/2 , corded bosch 1/4 and the makita battery trim router. The trim router gets the most use easier to track mount and do a quick job. I leave the 1/2" for bigger jobs or woodrat
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    They do look good value. I like these Shinwa Stainless Pickup Rule - Hard Chrome Finish - 600mm
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    Share your 3D Printed Tools and Jigs

    Can you please share stl for this?
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    Bora Centipede portable work stand

    I built a MFT slab using the Bora legs - I find it great fairly light and easy to setup. Pretty similar to this but I bought a benchdog Rail hinge and fence. Ground does need to be roughtly flat though
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    MFT Bench Dogs - Thoughts and recommendations?

    I use mostly benchdog uk , but have had some from aliexpress all very good and tight. Recently I have started 3d printing some - they are also fine 20mm (20.0mm) Bench Dog Set with Levers, Cams, Stops, etc by CabbitCastle
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    If you still have ill give it a go.
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    Which 3d printer - 2023 edition

    The bed needs to be level - distance from nozzle end consistent using the screws. Many printers also have a autolevel capability which builds a model of the bed versus the nozzle position and then compensates in software for the diferences. The S1 pro can do this and so can many other...
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    Which 3d printer - 2023 edition

    This is a pretty good video for levelling much easy than it sounds
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    Which 3d printer - 2023 edition

    Once properly levelled. I auto levelled and it has been fine
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    Which 3d printer - 2023 edition

    I have a CR10 Smart Pro which is basically a larger version of the Ender S1 Pro. The S1 Pro may be easier and cheaper than upgrades. Bambu or Voron seem like the next step for me but the CR10 does what I need - extra spped would be very handy for big prints