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    Ford Sierra

    To remove the wire clips you just pull a rag around the back of the winder handle. Gerry
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    Car tax / road fund licence

    No, Your responsibility starts from the moment of purchase (when you submit the change of registration) Gerry
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    I have had several screens replaced on insurance over the years and apart from the excess it does not affect your policy / no claims. The last one I had done was a mini coupe 2 years ago. It cost £75 excess Gerry
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    Removing a wash hand basin

    I've removed a few from tiles that have been well sealed with silicone. It will break both the basin and pull the tiles from the wall if you try to force it. I have a roll of fishing trace wire that i fasten to a couple of pieces of wood to make a garott and saw through the sealant. I have never...
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    Heavy hoe wanted.

    When I saw the title of this thread the first thing that sprung to mind was the wife!
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    Replacing large lifting garage door with timber partition and normal door.

    Here's a video i watched a couple of years back on the very same subject.
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    Latest thing you have printed / machined / cut

    Portal Can i have some cake?
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    Latest thing you have printed / machined / cut

    I would print them at 45 deg so no supports needing to be generated and the layers would run diagonally giving maximum strength in all directions. You would need to enlarge the chamfer on the top a bit and draw in a simple triangle support on the design to support it on the bed to stop it...
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    Computer confusion....

    Try disabling any ad blocking software on that page. Gerry
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    Glue spreader?

    The wifes credit card.
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    Digital Calipers

    The knurled wheel isn't found on all calipers, even my sylvac pros doesn't have one and they are premium calipers.
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    Digital Calipers

    Not all calipers have them and the same rule of thumb applies to use a consistant number ot turns to try and give an equal pressure between measurements. Gerry
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    Digital Calipers

    Digital calipers are usualy within a +/- 0.02mm tolerance but so much depends on your "feel" for the pressure you exert on the measured piece. Having said that about calipers I have a set of sylvac pros which do measure to 0.001mm but they are very expensive and I believe the only ones available...
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    Electric vehicles

    I would love an electric car as I usually do short local journeys but I don't have off street parking and although the car is parked next to the house it's across 20m of public green and the main footpath. There are no windows or doors on that gable end of the house and I wouldn't feel...
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    3d print query - bonded print faces

    If you don't group them then they are seperate models. Gerry
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    Go to christmas movies

    The Rock In the 70's it was always Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines Gerry
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    Free CAD Software

    Onshape, Free and online. Easy to use, Fully featured and loads of tutorials on youtube. Gerry
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    What are the definitive smells of the 70s?

    Model Diesel fuel and castor oil burning in a Glow motor. Gerry
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    Anyone using Raspberry Pi?

    Arduino Nano and just ask chat GPT or google Bard to write it for you. As said above simple to do just using Delay() Gerry
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    I am retired broadcast engineer now doing diy carpentry, electrical etc general hobbies. I have lots of good quality test equiments, tools etc.

    Check the insulating segments on the comutator are not standing proud of the copper segments. If they are you will need to undercut them slightly which you can do by hand using a bit of hacksaw blade. Gerry